lift app release notes

1.7.3 — 21 Days To Form A Habit

This release introduces 21-day habit plans. There is a special section for these when you go to add a habit.

As part of this release, we’re also adding two early features to all of our plans: per-step discussions and graduation.

Read on for more background on this release.

There is no scientific number of days to create a habit, Even the definition of a habit is fuzzy. It’s not boolean, rather a habit is something that can be strengthened to work more reliably and across more diverse situations.

However, 21 days is a common goal for most people. So we’ve packaged up our best advice for habit formation into day by day tips.

At the end of the plan, you’ll get a chance to graduate or, if you want to keep strengthening your habit, go through it again. The graduation moment gives you a target and also an end date so that you can try something new.

One other area to bring up in this release is philosophical: every Lift user is a coach.

The Lift users form both the hardest working and most supportive community of any app. That support is a form of coaching, and I want to call out the three main ways that you can coach other Lift users (one of these is new in this release):

#1. Give people props. This is the lowest-barrier coaching. Just cheer people on.

#2. In this release, we’ve added a discussions section for each step in a plan. This is a place for you to leave tips or answer other people’s questions. Look for the discussions feature on the check-in screen (with the big button).

#3. You can create a day-by-day coaching plan for other people in the Lift community. There’s more info on our blog:

To our future selves,

Tony & Jon, Matt, Erin, Alicia, Herzog, Sonya, Jared.