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30 Day Bulletproof Diet Challenge

The short version: You get a free book, free coaching, and free advice on how to lose pounds and increase energy. And it starts by eating more healthy fats.

We’re doing a 30 day challenge with Dave Asprey to launch his new book, The Bulletproof Diet. As Dave says, “Butter is food.”


Most people would look at the Bulletproof Diet and say it’s just a low carb, high fat diet. However, I’ve talked to many people who are on this diet and they all emphasize reducing toxins.

While weight loss for most diets can take days or weeks, people on this diet report an immediate impact on energy, focus and inflammation. That’s what makes this diet a winner: immediate positive reinforcement.

By focusing on healthy fats (for example, grass-fed butter) you can stay full without overeating, and eliminate toxins that are affecting your cognitive ability.

You’ll be joining a few hundred people in the diet. We’ll all go through this together. Start as soon as you can and finish by January 1.

Then, Dave and I are giving three awards for the most helpful and committed. That means people who put money on the line with one of the Bulletproof Diet accountability coaches and check-in every day and are helpful in the Q&A. On top of that, every person who tries one of the coaches gets a free copy of Dave’s new book, The Bulletproof Diet.

Next Steps

Step 1. Add the Bulletproof Diet as a goal on Lift. This is free, and it will keep you accountable to yourself and others. This is also where you’ll learn the secret to holiday eating. You’re going to eat well on Thanksgiving and still keep your energy.

Step 2. If you’re really serious, up the ante and hire someone to hold your feet to the fire. These coaches are long time Bulletproof Diet adherents and will make sure you never have the excuse of not knowing what to eat.

Plus, everyone who signs up gets a copy of Dave’s book. Use the promo code BULLETPROOF2, you get the first week of coaching for free (and you’ll still get the book). Coaching is $14.99/week after that, but you can cancel at any time, even during the promo period. This is risk free: you get a promo code and no obligation and you can switch coaches at any point.

Here are the coaches (but hurry, the promo code is only good for the first fifty people).

Step 3Read our one page summary of what to eat on the Bulletproof Diet.

One of the strengths of the Bulletproof Diet is that it’s flexible and has foods ranked on a scale from “Bulletproof” to “Toxic.” This guide will get you started and be your reference for the rest of the diet.


Challenges like this work so well  because of the support of the community on Lift. We want to acknowledge the people who really put their all into helping the entire community adopt this diet. So, Dave and I are going to award the top three performers as judged by helpfulness in the Q&A, by adherence to the diet, and by commitment to their coach. The award is a box of Dave’s new supplement, Unfair Advantage, along with a 12 oz bag of ground coffee beans, and $100 cash (to top it off).