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Donita Brown on the Coach me to lead show

Donita Brown – accomplishing what matters most

In this episode with Donita, we talked about:

  • Managing 10 people is very different from managing 100 people
  • Having a great coaching experience helped her to start coaching herself.
  • Companies can think of coaching as a value add.
  • Coaching can strengthen the relationship between manager and worker.
  • Gen Z is not money motivated, they are purpose-driven.
  • The major is called Business as a mission.
  • Introducing the book about her dad, to her dad.
  • The two types of moms she coaches.
  • Moms think we should do it all. You can’t do it all, but you can do what matters most today.
  • Work/life balance – she advocates being off balance on purpose for the right things, knowing what’s most important.
  • Natural rhythms and energy levels.
  • To-do lists and the three most important things to do today.
  • Plan the work, and then work the plan.
  • The content creation studio helps students develop content creation skills.

It is Donita’s passion to help working moms balance work and family. With her coaching, you can achieve small, consistent changes that lead to big results.

You will learn to accomplish what matters most without sacrificing your performance at work.

You can find Donita here:


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