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The Next Transition

Today, we’re excited to announce that the coaching platform will be purchased by Coach Kendra, Inc. We’ve often said that the strength of the platform lies in its people, and this transaction allows for full alignment with our core team members and community.

When I transitioned into the CEO role in July 2022, we knew a rebuilding would be necessary. The codebase needed attention and upgrades, and our suite of services required expansion to reflect the growing needs of our coaches and clients. 

With the platform stabilized, a cohesive core team in place, and engagement increasing, we’ve decided that the timing is right to make this transition.

For coaches and current clients, there should be very little impact and no disruption. We’ll keep you informed each step of the way, and we’ll announce a feature release schedule for soon.

For those that just joined our community or re-engaged, welcome. We’ll soon launch a calendar of virtual and live events, enhanced cohort-based programs, and hand-crafted solutions for beginning 2024 with momentum. 

We know the world has become increasingly volatile and there’s a new set of tools needed to navigate successfully. We believe that our combination of habit science, experienced coaches, impactful events, and an aligned community are what’s essential to adapt and thrive.

We believe our world requires Better Humans to solve today’s challenges and keep us moving forward together. We want to be ready for whatever obstacles the world presents us next.

We’re here to provide the ideas, tools, and community to help you unlock your Better, so that together we can serve Better.

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