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Celebrity fitness trainer Dan “Nitro” Clark is coaching on Lift


  • Join the Gladiator 30 Day Fat Blast Challenge led by author, actor and celebrity fitness expert Dan Clark, best known as “Nitro” from the American Gladiators. Eat foods that cause your body to burn fat, instead of store it. Get nutrition and meal advice from one of the most fit athletes of all time.
  • Hire Dan “Nitro” Clark for daily accountability coaching. This is a very rare “Limited Time” opportunity. You can have a former American Gladiator personally motivating you for this diet. Use coupon GLADIATOR to get the first week free.

gladiator Danny Nitro Clark on Lift

If you’re interested in this diet, then you’ll probably want to know what you’re going to be eating. The diet is based around foods that keep your blood sugar low (avoid carbs), raise your metabolism (lots of veggies), all while still keeping you full (proteins and fats). Dan has written up all of the details, nutrition and meal advice:Guide to the Gladiator 30 Day Fat Blast Challenge.

From our Quantified Diet research, we know that the Gladiator Fat Blast Diet will work to help you lose weight. We also know that diets are much more a challenge of motivation than of nutrition. If you stick to this diet, you will lose weight. But how are you going to stick to it?

Dan’s accountability coaching offer is so special because he’s personally willing to check up on every participant every day to make sure they’re sticking to it. This is a rare opportunity (and one that might not be available ever again).

If you’re interested in this diet, get started by joining the Gladiator 30 Day Fat Blast Challenge.

If you’re interested in extra accountability, hire Dan as your accountability coach. You’ll get a daily motivational check-in and get to ask him questions about the diet. Dan’s been a long time coaching presence on Lift, but I doubt you’ll get this chance for one-on-one coaching from him again.

Use the coupon GLADIATOR to get the first week free. After that, coaching is $14.99/week.

In Service,
Tony (CEO and Founder of Lift)

PS: I’ll be in the diet with you. I started today with a breakfast of Greek yogurt and almonds.