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Is It Worth Getting a Paid Subscription?

We run three of the top twenty publications on and what I tell all readers is that this is a question to revisit every couple of months.  It’s completely fine if the answer today is No. But if it is, you should know that the amount that Medium is spending on authors and editors is growing quickly, so the answer in a couple of months could be very different.

The answer also varies quite a bit depending on your interest. If your interest is self-improvement, then Medium has a bundle of some of the best publications on the internet. That bundle includes our publication, Better Humans, which is the only reliable place to get tested advice, i.e. read Better Humans if you need advice that is going to work the first time. The bundle of great publications also includes amazing health & wellness news at Elemental and also great leadership advice at Management Matters.

The bundle is also excellent if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner. Marker publishes great business articles. And our publication Better Marketing has great daily tutorials on how to grow any business. As publishers, we think quality advice comes from testing and for both of these publications, we spend a lot of time testing and learning from our community of coaches and coaching clients.

So at this point, if you are a coach, then you should definitely subscribe because Medium will make you a lot smarter about self-improvement and a lot better at growing your own business. If you’re not a coach, well, those are still two pretty popular topics and you’ll probably love being a Medium subscriber.

There are a lot more great publications and authors than just the above, so I’d recommend also looking at Medium’s Popular Article page to get a sense.

Also, it’s worth noting that a year ago I surveyed the subscribers to our publications and found that 75% of people who had subscribed were happy.