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The 2-Minute Mind Sweep


So often, we’re distracted by thoughts floating around in our minds, from grocery list items to unanswered emails. When we’re distracted, we lose productivity, quality of work and even happiness.

Mindfulnessis an increasingly popular practice that teaches you how to pay attention to the present moment instead of your cranial clutter.

But did you know that focusing on your thoughts can help you be more present?

Be More Present by Clearing Cranial Clutter

Getting Things Done (GTD), an organizational method created byDavid Allen, trains you to effectively process incoming information like thoughts and emails into tasks.

Look closely at GTD and you’ll see it’s really about being mindful as you process information. You’ll be more productive if you give your full attention to each step of the process.

GTD has a strategy for clearing your mind called Mind Sweep. When you perform a mind sweep, you spend 2+ minutes paying attention to and writing down the thoughts filling up your mental bandwidth.

You don’t think about next steps while doing a Mind Sweep, you just write down your thoughts as they are. It’s like dumping your ex’s stuff out the window after a break up — you just want to get everything out as quickly as possible.

What’s the benefit of performing a Mind Sweep? Senior GTD Coach Kelly Forrister explains:

“The Mind Sweep process itself allows for this incredibly freeing process to just collect what’s grabbing your attention, without the cares (yet) of worrying about what you’ll do about it. Most people are amazed at what comes out of them in the Mind Sweep, from “buy cat food” to “get a new job.”

Less thoughts floating around your head means less distractions keeping you from being present.

How to Start the Habit:

Right Now: Do a 2-minute mind sweep. Set a timer, grab a notebook or open up a textbox, and go! If you have more time, check out this free guided Mind Sweep by David Allen on the GTD website.

Then: Check out the Getting Things Done group on Lift, where you can get extra support from Kelly and the GTD community.