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A Home for Ambitious People

Build your career. Get in shape. Learn a new skill.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Kendra Kinnison

Chief Executive Officer

Kendra stepped into the CEO role in July 2022 after nearly a decade as our Training Coordinator and most experienced coach (with over 1,500 clients). Through our dedication to habit science and accessibility, she believes that our platform and community unlocks potential for both coaches and clients.

Cherry Jeffs

Coaches Concierge

Cherry learned the power of regular creative practice when she made an artwork every day for 365 days. She jumped at the opportunity to become a habit coach on when it transitioned from the Lift App back in 2015. In autumn 2020, she took on the additional role of Concierge to help new coaches get the most out of the platform.

Gwen Riedl

Support Coordinator

Gwen has been a coach on since 2016. Later she joined the team to support coaches and clients from “behind the scenes.” She is also the founder of GROW Coaching and Consulting.

Berenike Schriewer, Ph.D.

Challenge Coordinator

Berenike (who also goes by Bere) learned about the power of habit challenges while taking a 30-day video challenge. She has since created various habit challenges for herself (reading 30+ books in 30 days, writing 30 articles in 30 days, etc.) and other people (a 30-day decluttering challenge). In 2019, with the help of Tony Stubblebine, she created the Cross-Promotion Challenge for which has helped our coaches promote their services ever since!

Nathan Sudds

Community Coordinator

Ramon Williamson Life Coach Coach Dot Me

Ramon Williamson

Practice Growth Coach

Ramon joined as a coach in 2015 after 29 years of coaching super habits for solopreneurs, and pioneering early innovations in 1:1 and group coaching. Today, he continues to work with clients while serving as our practice growth coach and scaling text-based coaching for enterprise and remote work teams. The author of three online courses, and Six Simple Things That Can Change Your Life endorsed by Seth Godin, he travels and co-writes Hallmark-style novels with his best friend.

Malica Ahmad

HCC Program Coach

After using habits to lose 30 lbs, Malica launched a virtual group helping 1000+ women do the same. Committed to serving and growing her coaching expertise, she completed the Habit Certification program. Shortly after, she jumped at the opportunity to support budding habit coaches on their journey in the HCC program. Now a Certified Tiny Habits coach, when she isn’t practicing her own small IF habits, she wears her techie hat as a Service Design Lead and mentor at Accenture.

Maurice Dongar

Product Developer

Maurice (who also goes by Mo) joined the Team in 2022 as a Product Developer. He learned about having good habits very early in his career in the Oil and Gas industry as a means to stay free from injuries. He is very excited about the platform as a tool facilitating interaction between coaches and clients. His focus is on improving the platform and help unlock its potential.

Ronnie Grove

Product Developer

Ronnie joined the team in July of 2022 with the hope to bring fresh ideas, eyes and prospective on the product development side of things. With more than 17yrs of systems experience, he understands the power of good habits, practice, dedication and consistency required to be successful.

Andrew Koumarianos

Product Developer

Andrew joined the team in 2022 as a Product Developer. He brings over 15 years of product development experience and is excited to help expand and improve the platform.

Tony Stubblebine