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Status of Known Issues

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Known Issues

We added this page to provide transparency on known “bugs” and guidance on how to navigate in the interim.

Our goal is to provide helpful context and reduce frustration with work-arounds until full resolutions can be implemented by our Development Team.

Auto-hidden issue on coaching packages

We are aware of a “bug” where Individual Coaching Packages may unexpectedly revert to “hidden” after being edited. This means that the link to the package is active, but the package would not be visible on the coach’s profile page.

The recommended resolution is to edit the package again and manually click the status to “visible.” This may need to be repeated. Refreshing the Coach Profile page is an effective way to confirm.

Upgrade coach memberships not working

We are aware of a “bug” that does not allow coaches to upgrade from Community-level to Pro-level membership from their Coach Settings Dashboard.

In the interim, we recommend emailing so that the package selection can be updated manually.

Creating a new habit

To create a new “habit,” a coach can create a “plan” or “package” so that others may join.

If a habit-tracking user would like to create a new habit, the best method is to email the request to

Spam comments

If a spam comment is noticed by a coach, we request that you flag the user once. This creates a notification ticket for our Support Team. Our team is able to quickly research and then delete the entire user. As the user is deleted, it deletes all of the spam comments across all goals.

Flagging the comment or user multiple times creates multiple tickets that must be sorted through and can cause delays in the deletion process.

Resolved Issues:

Email sending disabled

Issue began: February 1, 2023
Resolved: February 6, 2023 6pm ET

Through our new user process, we recently were targeted by a significant spam attack (beyond the usual volume we actively monitor and navigate). As a result, we are currently unable to send mail from within the platform. We are working through the resolution process with AWS and to implement additional measures to thwart similar attacks.

This means that you won’t receive an email if you have a new client, or if a client sends you a message. However, the functions within the platform and app are working correctly.

In the interim, the best practice is to check your Coaching Dashboard more frequently. If you need assistance, please email our Support Team at We apologize for the inconvenience and interruption in your workflow. 

Coming Soon – Development Roadmap:

We’re working to add this section to provide a timeline of our features in the development pipeline.
We’ll also include a way for you to submit ideas and requests.