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Ask-Me-Anything with Kendra Kinnison & Cherry Jeffs

We’re celebrating’s 10-Year Anniversary with a series of AMA conversations.

In this conversation with Kendra Kinnison & Cherry Jeffs, we explore:
– how habits shaped Cherry’s career as an artist
– why she decided to start coaching online
– how she became our onboarding expert and official concierge
– why our community is important
– details of coach payment calculations and how to use the referral program
– and more!


  • 2:20 About our community
  • 3:48 The power of habit
  • 5:36 What really motivates Cherry
  • 7:09 How coaches can promote their coaching
  • 7:49 How you can get clients by building your network of coaches
  • 11:27 How to use the referral program
  • 15:17 How clients can find a coach
  • 18:00 Practice clients – how to switch them over to paying clients
  • 19:54 How to sign up and track your own habits
  • 23:37 Where you want to post if you’re looking for a coach for a client you can’t serve
  • 25:59 How to use questions from users
  • 30:15 How the cross-promotion group works
  • 31:18 Exploring the two dashboards
  • 34:08 Benefits to a coach of checking into a habit every day
  • 39:00 How to learn more about your ideal client
  • 40:13 Overview of the concierge program
  • 45:44 The impact of habit coaching
  • 48:12 How asynchronous coaching works