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Ask-Me-Anything with Kendra Kinnison & Erno Hannink

We’re celebrating’s 10-Year Anniversary with a series of AMA conversations.

In this conversation with Kendra Kinnison & Erno Hannink, we explore:

  • why being mission-driven is powerful,
  • how to use scheduling to work for the present and the future,
  • how Erno structures his coaching packages,
  • why he offers a complimentary coaching call,
  • how to think from the client perspective,
  • and more!


  • 1:38 How Erno got started on
  • 4:10 How Erno started working from home two decades ago
  • 10:42 How Erno balances short and long term work
  • 14:25 Creating a content system to attract clients
  • 18:31 Why Erno’s work centers around his mission
  • 25:55 Recommendations for setting up coaching packages
  • 28:02 Why it’s helpful to include a complimentary coaching call
  • 35:11 How to “show your work” as a coach
  • 41:42 Using “hidden” packages
  • 55:08 Why Erno’s coaching focuses on habits
  • 56:38 His experience with enterprise coaching
  • 1:00:43 Connecting with Erno