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Ask-Me-Anything with Kendra Kinnison & Ramon Williamson

We’re celebrating’s 10-Year Anniversary with a series of AMA conversations.

In this conversation with Kendra Kinnison & Ramon Williamson, we explore:
– why we’re passionate about coaching – and habits!
– how chat coaching differs from ‘conventional’ coaching
– what the role and impact of a coach can be in habit coaching
– his specific roadmap for new coaches
– the ‘math’ behind getting to $10k in monthly revenue as a coach
– and more!

Timestamps for Key Topics:

  • 2:30 – How Ramon thinks about coaching & how his coaching business evolved

  • 9:45 – Why and how he transitioned to habit coaching from ‘conventional’ coaching

  • 14:45 – How habit coaching sets up the client to be the hero of their journey

  • 21:20 – Ramon’s pillars of the coaches’ mindset and where coaches often get stuck

  • 26:04 – The difference between a good coach and a great coach

  • 32:25 – Should we only coach via habits?

  • 35:40 – Specific advice for setting up your first coaching package, selecting your keystone habit, and framing your marketing paradigm

  • 39:38 – Why you should try to coach 5 clients fast

  • 43:48 – How to use habit-stacking principles with clients

  • 45:26 – How Ramon designs his coaching packages and client experiences

  • 49:00 – Role-playing a case study with a new coach idea

  • 53:35 – Role-playing setup of the coaching package

  • 56:54 – Role-playing the math and economics for a new coach

  • 1:03:00 – Why the onboarding process is essential to a strong coaching relationship

  • 1:04:48 – The math behind recurring revenue models

  • 1:05:58 – Ramon’s specific marketing approach and strategies

  • 1:10:36 – Recap of our case study and recommended steps for a new coach

  • 1:12:15 – How this process naturally leads to ancillary products

  • 1:13:56 – What Ramon thinks is the best “freebie” for a coach to offer and the specifics of how to setup your sales funnel

  • 1:18:03 – Role-playing the math of contacts, leads, and conversions

  • 1:22:45 – His challenge to me for leading the community