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Heather’s accountability coaching helps you end your sweets addiction by sharing expert tips and insights that will help you make healthier choices. She’s there for you every step of the way – to ensure that you stick to your goal of reducing or eliminating sugar.

  • Do you want to cut way back on your sweets intake?
  • Do you struggle with figuring out how to say no to sugar?
  • Do you want someone to be there and hold you accountable each day?

What To Expect

Accountability coaching on Lift is daily coaching focused on building momentum. You’ll set a specific and measurable goal, which you’ll be tracking each day on the Lift app. As your coach, Heather will have access to your check-ins to give you comments and guidance along the way.

Why choose Heather?heather-before-after

Heather cut out sugar when she started training to be a fitness competitor and knows how difficult yet rewarding it is to take control. As a mom of three kids she understands the struggle of juggling a long to-do list against making healthy choices. She loves to support men and women who are looking to improve their diet by reducing or eliminating sugar from their diet.

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