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Samara’s accountability coaching is infused with mindfulness, which helps in finding presence and truly achieving what you set out to do. All elite athletes and most successful professionals have accountability coaches. It’s the rare person who can master a skill or change a habit without a support system. A great coach who gives feedback and offers encouragement can be the difference between spinning your wheels and achieving your goals.

  • Do you have changes you really want to make happen in your life, but need help making them stick?
  • Do you want to meditate regularly but struggle with consistency?
  • Do you want to take better care of yourself? Maybe eat better, lose weight, or quit smoking?
  • Do you struggle to slow down, find your grounding, and resist feeling swept away by the ever-increasing speed of life?

What To Expect

Accountability coaching on Lift is daily coaching focused on building momentum. You’ll set a specific and measurable goal, which you’ll be tracking each day on the Lift app. As your coach, Samara will have access to your check-ins to give you comments and guidance along the way.

Why choose Samara?

Samara earned her Doctoral Degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and studied with the Buddhist author/teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. The subject of her doctoral dissertation, The Relationship Between Creativity and Self-Actualization, is a subject she remains passionate about to this day. Samara helps people develop sustainable ways integrate mindfulness practice in their daily lives, and then also I help them use those skills to achieve their goals. You can read more about Samara’s meditation practice in her “Why I Meditate” interview.

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