1.5 — Preview

1.5 — Preview

There are two immediate changes in this release. We’ve added more ways to browse habits and we’ve made stability improvements (you’ll especially like these if you’ve experienced the app unchecking something you’ve just checked in to).

This is also our final App Store release before January 1st. In addition to the changes above, it includes several features that are not live yet, but which we will turn on for the New Year. Our goal is for the full 1.5 release on January 1 to be 50% stronger than what we launched three months ago. Consider this the 1.5 preview release.

Read on if you want to know the how and why of what’s available today.

– – –

If you go to the “Add Habits” section you’ll see more than just a list of popular habits, you’ll also see habits that are trending, habits that our data says are easy to do, habits that have the most supportive communities, plus a few more.

We will be continually updating these categories to be relevant to you.

For example, we recently ran a 4-Hour Body challenge that was very successful, but also very hidden (you had to know to search for the phrase “4HB”). We’re going to be running similar challenges and now they’ll be much easier to find. For example, we’ll almost definitely add a Resolutions challenge for Jan 1.

Another thought we had for this feature was that it was fun to see what other people are tracking. It changes your mindset. For example, a reporter gave us an early review that opened with this line:

“Although I’ve only logged a single check-in to a habit in the two weeks I’ve been using the app, I already feel better.”

She went on to say that merely seeing she wasn’t the only one who needed to work on basic habits removed her guilt.

We often reference BJ Fogg and his Stanford research on behavior design. His approach is very concrete, with clear actions and reactions, which makes it easy to describe and to analyze. However, there is another body of research about the effect of mindset on behavior change.

We get a steady stream of success stories that talk about the biggest changes coming from that change of mindset, for example this story is from a user, Robin:

“I lost 8lbs through diet habits on Lift like low-carb lunch and no sugar. Then I learned Italian and Vietnamese.”

What does losing weight have to do with learning two languages? One success gave Robin the confidence and momentum to tackle everything else in his life.

Lastly, here’s a little tip that comes straight from the Lift data. The biggest predictor of success in Lift is having momentum on at least one thing. People who check-in to one habit they know they can keep up with accomplish more in their harder habits. We’ve added the Easiest category for a reason. Join one of those and you’ll be more successful across all your habits.

– – –

This has been a tremendous year for us. Our little company is growing and we are working as fast as we can in order to build a motivational tool that works for everyone and every goal (or more accurately to facilitate a community that motivates and supports themselves). Every day we see fantastic stories of your success. These stories are our fuel. Thank you!

Tony & the Lift Team