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Your Success Stories

We know that Lift has changed our lives. But we’ve been blown away by the habit change stories that you’ve shared with us.

Consider this post a celebration of everyone’s success on Lift. We wish we could give you all a high-five in person, but we’ll settle for the more reasonable goal of collecting a success story from every person who has built a habit with the help of Lift.


To those of you sporting streaks on Lift, you’re role models to the rest of us. We look to you for motivation when ours is waning. One of you shared a great tip for other Power Lifters:

Take a lot of pride in your streak! Not only are you benefiting from accomplishing your goal… but you are also setting an example for others who see your check-ins. Look through some comments from other Lifters of your goal and help them out if you see them struggling or give them props to encourage them to keep going.

Thank you, on behalf of everyone whom you’ve propped, given advice to, or motivated in some other way.

Success Stories

Habit All-Star

How I’ve used lift over the last 3 months: I’ve finished reading two books, and am on my third with the Read habit. I’m saving money with the Don’t buy coffee, Bring lunch to work, and the Cook dinner habits. I’ve kept off the 30lbs I lost earlier this year with the Crunches, Pushup(s), No sweets, and10k steps habits. And have improved my relationship with my wife with theTell my wife I love her, and the Make coffee for my wife habits – it’s the little easy things that can make the difference over time. ~Augie S

Save Money

Lift saved me money by helping me create a habit to bring food to work. I now hardly spend any cash Monday to Friday! ~Marco V

Sleep Before Midnight

I’ve struggled with a few big habits over the last year. I was waking up late. Now, I consistently get out of bed on time or early. I was regularly late to meetings. Now, I’m prepped, on time, and often early. I was regularly going to bed after 1-2 am. I’ve started going to bed before midnight fairly often. Surprisingly, it’s also made it easier to get up in the morning – go figure. Lift was integral in actually staying accountable for each of these. ~ Jonathan F

Four-Hour Body & Language Learning

Lost 3kg with four-hour body diet. Learnt Vietnamese & Italian. The crucial thing is that I have been able to increase the consistency of habits that make me happier & healthier. Lift is a sticker chart for the iPhone age (though we use sticker charts with our kids I never expected the principle to be so successful on myself). ~ Robin A

Tell My Wife I Love Her

I wasn’t sure if I was telling my wife that I love her every day. It felt like I was, but now (or at least since I started using Lift) I know I have been.~Eric P

Time Management

I’ve been consistently flossing for the first time in my life. Developing reading and exercising habits now. Lift has been a great app for keeping myself accountable and to make sure I’m using my time wisely. ~Aaron H

Daily Chores

So far Lift has helped me tackle some daily chores without fail:make the bed, clean the kitchen, etc. My wife has been most pleased. It has also helped me pause for breakfast most mornings and be present while I’m preparing a meal in an effort to have a healthier portion/selection. ~Brian R

Making it to Inbox Zero

I really wanted to get in the habit of eating fresh fruit every day, and I wanted to become better at managing my email, getting to inbox zero by the end of every day. Thanks to having Lift as a reminder/reinforcement, I’ve accomplished both things 6-7 days a week for the past 6 weeks, and they really have become habits. ~Erika C

Daily Medicine

I’m actually ‘remembering’ to take my medicine everyday, thanks to Lift. ~ Ady C

Pushing Myself Up

Lift has helped me stick to doing pushups every single day. ~ Simon C

Stop Biting Nails

I’ve been biting my fingernails for over 20 years. The day I installed Lift, I added the stop biting nails habit. I’ve now gone 56 days without biting my nails. I’m no longer even tempted! ~ Mark J (Update: he’s now at 111 days.)

A Floss Boss

I’ve flossed more in the past month than in my entire life combined. Can’t wait to see what Dentist Modesto says (my local dentist). ~David C

We’ll be posting more of these in the future. Want to share a story about how you built a habit? Please send it to us.

Remember that success means small wins, too. Habits are best formed incrementally. In fact, the ‘smaller’ the change, the more easily someone else can follow your lead.

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