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Our Big New Year’s Update: Lift 1.5

It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions and we’ve just released our biggest update to Lift. 

Download Lift. Get motivation for any goal.

What’s New.

In the four months since we launched we helped create more than 500,000 habits, saw users send in amazing success stories, helped floss more than 2,200,000 teeth, and proved that diet can be successfully tackled through tiny habits. But when we launched we knew we could build Lift into something even stronger.

Here’s what we’ve changed since launch.


This was our most requested feature. It’s also one of the three legs behind the behavior model that we based our support system on (the others being motivation and ability). More on reminders.

Browse Habits.

You used to choose new habits by search or through our popular list. Now we’ve broken them down by category, added trending habits, and, most importantly for today, added the most popular New Year’s Resolution habits. More on browsing habits.


People in the habits share tips and advice through our comments feature. This is a core part of the ability leg of our behavior model. More on comments.

Push Notifications.

Our long term challenge at Lift is to bring positive reinforcement loops closer and closer to the moment of action. We used to talk to you primarily through email (undercutting everyone in our Inbox Zero habit). Now we talk to you through push notifications on your phone which are an order of magnitude more timely. More on push notifications.


A lot of our users compare us to the Seinfeld productivity method, which is a good comparison because like Seinfeld, we also believe in the power of consistency. In the latest version of Lift, streaks show up much more prominently. Don’t break yours! 


The original version of Lift only used your friends from Twitter and Facebook. As a result, lot of our users had trouble finding their family and close friends on Lift. Now look for Friends in the Settings area and follow buttons on people’s profiles. You should have a lot more control over who you follow now.

Twitter Share.

In the new version, when you leave a note with your check-in, you’ll have the option to share to Twitter. People have been using this to get even more support from friends. More on Twitter share.

Stability & Speed.

If Lift was ever slow for you or you ever experienced Lift crashing, then you should definitely upgrade.

Today is a great day to tackle your goals. Download Lift and we’ll help.