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app release notes

1.6.5 — The Beginning of Groups

This release brings us a small step closer to releasing a groups feature where you can get coaching and advice from top experts. If you want early access, look for Groups from the cog on the upper right of your Me screen.

Also of note, we launched a web version of Lift last week. Now everyone can use Lift, even if they don’t have an iPhone.

Read on for some more background on groups.

From a technology standpoint, the only thing that’s changed in this release is that we redid the groups directory and listing to be native iOS code (it was previously embedded web pages).

However, we have added a number of interesting groups since our last release. Here’s the list:

I’ve participated in all of those (except for @rookiemoms), and they all give great advice and focus to your usage of Lift.

But these groups are just the tip of the iceberg. We’re opening up this feature to everyone and we’re seeing tons of interesting use cases including friendly training groups and business teams.

We have two goals for this feature.

The first is just to cover every single training plan, diet, self-improvement book, and productivity method with a group so that the advice can be represented in the Lift way: small, daily, actionable steps.

Our second goal is to provide a home for people who give daily individual coaching. It’s powerful to have active coaches and we will be adding more soon.

There was a moment in the early Lift development where we switched from a fully artificial game-like support system toward the organic social system we have now. Our big realization was that you would be more successful if we acted as facilitators for support.

This groups feature continues that trend. In our normal, incremental fashion, we’re giving you access to each piece as soon as it’s ready. But it’s probably two more releases away from feeling like a complete feature.

We’ve been getting (and appreciating) a lot of early feedback. Email us at any time, but definitely email us if you think you should launch your own group,

Tangential tip: some of my Lift teammates started talking to me about Lift BINGO, which is probably a term coined by someone in the community. It references getting all of your habits for the day done. I’d been someone who carried a lot of habits on my screen (14) and did each intermittently. Recently, I’ve stripped down my list to just daily habits and I’m enjoying the challenge of hitting BINGO each day.


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