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lift app release notes

1.7.4 — Plan Screens

This release adds full plan screens to our habit directory, so that you can review the the steps of the plan before you start.

To find them, go to our Add Habit flow. This is the plus button in the upper right of your dashboard. There are now three sections labeled as coaching plans (Coaching Plans, Habits, Fitness/Health).

All of those 40+ coaching plans now have a screen where you can see an intro from the coach and review each of the steps.

Read on for more background on the development of our plans feature.

This is our third release for coaching plans. We have 41 plans in our app right now, and our long term goal is to put the power of a million coaches into your phone.

As part of our iterative releases, I’m tracking two stats related to plan usage.

The first stat is how many new users sign up for at least one plan. This is an indicator of whether we have enough plans. Right now the answer is: 33%. We’ll get better.

The second stat is how likely a plan participant is to keep checking in. People in our early plans are 42% more likely than our baseline Lift users to check in the next day. Internally, we call this number our retention rate.

But you should think of this measurement as your success rate. Our job is to be constantly trying to boost this number, and thus your success rate. That’s why I love this feature so much. A boost of 42% beyond what we were already doing is huge.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in past release notes, but our product development philosophy involves merging multiple feedback loops (Lift’s co-founder, Jon, calls this “informed intuition”).

So, while I’m thrilled to see the numbers move, I‘m even more thrilled to be a major user of this feature myself.

In the pure habit-tracking first version of Lift, all I improved were things that I was already good at.

But now I’ve recently given up sweets (aided by step-by-step habit formation advice), rehabbed two troublesome calves (using a plan written by my physical therapist), and undertaken a survey of forms of meditation (using a plan written by another Lift user).

These were path’s to reach my own potential that weren’t available to me before Lift’s new coaching plan feature.

Onward, toward making a dent in human potential,

Tony & Jon, Matt, Erin, Alicia, Herzog, Sonya, Jared, Dan