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1.9.17 – Pull to Quote and Bug Fixes

In this release, we’ve added on feature and fixed five bugs.

The feature is pull to quote:

  • From your dashboard, pull down for a daily quote.

The bug fixes are:

  • Improved video playback on check-in screen.
  • Fixed bug where micro celebrations didn’t appear on dashboard.
  • Fixed bug where user could get a crash when viewing notifications.
  • Fixed bug where user could get a crash when replying to an answer.
  • Fixed bug where user couldn’t get out of invite flow when inviting people to goal.

Read on for more about this release.

The Lift developers run a continuous deployment process which means that almost every change they make gets deployed to production as soon as possible.

On the web side, the delay between a change and you seeing that change is about three minutes. In the iPhone a delay is usually at least a week, since every change has to go through Apple’s review process.

When we started this process, the idea of continuous deployment was an emerging software development best practice. In a lot of situations, it was more of a theory than a tested practice. For example, we were one of the first groups to try this in iPhone development.

Being on the cutting edge here had one large, unexpected benefit. We gave the first talk about continuous deploy for iPhone apps to San Francisco’s local continuous delivery meet-up. That’s where we first met Herzog. He’s now our iPhone developer and overall app designer.

The expected benefits were that we’d be able to make develop the app faster. That benefit also came with a fear we’d also introduce more bugs.

This release notwithstanding, that fear has mostly turned out to be unfounded. Statistically, a small team like ours which doesn’t have any dedicated testers, releases fewer bugs when we work in smaller iterations. For example, release the iPhone app in iterations of a few weeks, whereas many iPhone developers would release every few months.

All of this is just a long winded way of explaining why we didn’t catch the bugs in the last release when we should probably just say that we’re sorry. Sorry! We all hope this release solves most people’s problems. If it doesn’t, please email us at and we’ll get you sorted out.

Hopefully, our next release will include some exciting changes for our new coaching feature.

Until then,
Tony and Erin, Alicia, Herzog, Dan, Terrie, Jeremy, Esther

P.S. Please update your App Store reviews! Thank you!