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app release notes

1.6.7 — Group Activity Feeds

This version of Lift adds group activity feeds to your activity tab. Now you can follow activity from within your groups.

This feature should help smaller groups of friends to form accountability groups. If you’re interested in creating a group you can do that from the web version of Lift.

If you’re interested in having us feature your group, reach out to us: We’re looking to feature and promote new groups that are of general interest to Lifters, have high quality active coaches, and have pre-existing communities.

Read on for more about our progress with groups.

Groups are getting stronger, to the point that I think we should rename them. They’re really more like coaching programs or habit-based training plans.

One of the key features and goals for our work is to help people with information sharing. Sometimes that will mean people within the community sharing tips with each other. But groups also allows us to bring in experts to give you direct instruction and guidance. Let me tell you about two new groups that have active coaching.

Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen has launched a productivity group. GTD is the world’s most popular productivity system and has grown from a book into a large coaching organization. This Lift group is lead by Kelly Forrister, who has been working with David Allen for 20 years and heads the GTD online learning division. She’s answering questions every day on Lift and has been an enormous resource for thinking about productivity. I can’t believe that we’re able to offer this service to you for free.

Secondly, I’d like to highlight a group that I’m running, called Power Lifters. This is an experiment based on my own experience remaking my own life and everything I’ve learned running Lift. It’s a top to bottom makeover with a different focus each week. Right now we’re deep into morning routines. One warning: the information I’m trying is experimental and includes a high volume of email.

In other news, Erin has been publishing daily research reports on habits through our @liftapp Twitter account. I’d love to hear what you think of them.


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