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app release notes 1.9.12

1.9.12 — Progress

This release adds progress to the check-in screens. Now it’s easier to see how many times per week you’ve been following your goals.

Read on for some background on progress.

In our design meetings we’ve been talking about the Lift coaching stack. What coaching can we provide to make you killer awesome at any of your goals?

The base layer of almost all successful people is the ability to practice what’s important to them consistently. For simple skills, we think in terms of habits. For complicated skills, we think in terms of deliberate practice. Either way, you need to build a routine for your goal.

For that reason, you can think of building in regular progress as the baseline for any coaching that we’re doing. It’s the simplest and most universal coaching we can provide. But why does it work?

People are complicated, so this relatively simple feature has a couple of ways to tweak your psychology.

  • In the BJ Fogg BMAT model, progress is a motivational tweak. Most people look at their recent history and try to either sustain or surpass it. Progress is a Rorschach test for your own ambition.
  • In the next release, we’ll be adding weekly targets, which mean we can celebrate and reinforce you weekly (as opposed to right now where we really focus just on daily streaks).
  • In the Carol Dweck mindset model, progress also reinforces a new belief system. I’ve swam 200 times since starting Lift. That’s led to me calling myself a swimmer, which is a new belief that reinforces the behaviors that I need to do to keep swimming. Even seeing a recent week where I swam four times, changes my belief system about how often I swim (my old normal was twice per week).

Some of you may remember that we used to prominently display a frequency per week graph. This is a different take on the same concept. We think it’s easier to read, and more importantly, gives us room for our targets feature coming next release.

Hope you enjoy,

Tony & Erin, Herzog, Alicia, Dan, Terrie, Jeremy, Esther