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Be a Lift Coach

Update 12/22/14: We’re hiring coaches. Click here for the most recent information about how to become a Lift coach.

Do you have a skill or expertise that you’d like to share with the Lift community?

Starting today, you can create a Plan on Lift to help others achieve goals that you’ve already mastered. Plans are guides that tell you the daily steps to take to reach a goal. Writing one takes about as long as writing a good blog post. Let me walk you through it.

What’s a coaching plan?

In Lift, a coaching plans give you daily instructions to help you reach your goals. Followers of a plan will see the first instruction on Day 1 and unlock the next instruction each time that they check-in. Here are some examples:

View Currently Featured Plans

What are you great at? What change have you made that you’re proud of? What skill do you have that you could teach someone else?

Get featured

You can share your plan with your friends whenever you want. But we’re also looking to feature high quality plans with the entire Lift community. After you create your first draft, you may hear from us with suggestions. This is what we’re looking for:

  • A specific goal with clear instructions to get you there. Be sure to explain terms that the average person wouldn’t know.
  • Coaches who can be active and responsive to feedback from people taking the plan.
  • Small actionable steps. Lift is based on momentum. Write your plan in a way that builds from something small to something large.

Get started

Create a Plan:

Tips for Writing Your Plan:

Update about coaching, 5 Aug. 2014: we’ve added paid coaching within Lift with a limited number of carefully selected professional coaches—check them out hereIf you’re a coach who’s interested in doing paid one-on-one coaching on Lift, please fill out this surveyWe’ll review your survey response and contact you with more info if/when a spot opens up for you.

If you’re interested in building your coaching skills in the meantime and doing free community coaching, we recommend creating a free Lift coaching plan using the links above.  Creating a free coaching plan is a great way to get familiar with the Lift community and build demand for your paid one-on-one coaching.