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Become a Better Writer

Become a Better Writer: Build the Superpower to Supercharge Your Career

Writing well is a superpower that will give you a competitive advantage at work and in any situation where communication is key to success.

Whether you want to write a blog, get a promotion, or even write a book, developing as a writer will help you reach your goals. Hire our top writing coach Jennifer Anderson to become a better writer now. Get a free week of coaching from Coach Jen with the promo code WRITE.

Jen is a successful writer who has been published in Medium, Thought Catalog, and literary magazines, and she’s a Murphy poetry prize winner.

You’ve heard it before: there’s only one sure way to become a better writer, and that’s to practice writing every day. Jen understands the power of writing and she knows how to help you establish a productive writing habit.

Here’s how Jen describes her approach:

“Overcoming the roadblocks to daily writing will lead to an enriching, life-changing habit. Whether your goal is to reach higher levels of self-actualization or to pen a bestseller, it is first necessary to forge a disciplined writing habit.

First I’ll help you paint a clear picture of what success looks like for you and whether you’re looking for a long-term or short-term coaching engagement. With daily guidance and support, I’ll help you formulate a personalized writing plan that nurtures your personal goals. If you like, I’ll include a daily writing prompt that’s guaranteed to kick-start your creative flow. Don’t let procrastination or fear immobilize you.  Let me help you awaken your inner writer as we move forward together—one line at a time.”

Now’s the time to add this superpower to your arsenal of tools to reach your goals. Develop as a writer and you’ll see results in your career. Hire Jen today and use promo code WRITE to get your first week free!

“Jen takes this work seriously. She answers all questions, she gives great feedback, and comes up with ideas that I would never think of. Jen, I don’t know where you find the time, but you are a great coach.”< - Rob "Jen has a talent for providing support and attention without devolving into a banal "Rah, rah!" cheerleader. I began the challenge trudging through 15 minutes of writing daily and now look forward to writing nearly an hour each day. I truly feel that I have gained momentum that never materialized from prior fits and starts at writing. Most importantly, to me at least, I now think of myself as a writer.” - Jason

Hire Jen to Become a Better Writer