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Coaching Certification Programs

Coaching Certification Programs: The Complete List (2020)

As a new coach, it can be challenging to choose your coaching certification.

So, I’ve compiled a list with the best coaching training available in 2020.

I’ve sorted each program into categories (business, life, and meditation coaching) and delivery methods (in-person or online).

You’ll also find a list of budget coaching certifications near the bottom. Let’s begin with a few simple guidelines.

How to Choose Your Coaching Certification

You’ll find everything you need to know on the list below: the certification names, coaching organizations, short descriptions, and the price of each program.

If the price varies based on what you choose to include in your training, recurring discounts, etc., I’ve included both the lowest and highest price.

Where it’s relevant (specifically business and life coaching certifications), I’ve included information about International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation.

A ✓ means they accredit the training, while a ✘ means they don’t.

If possible, I recommend you choose a certification that is ICF accredited and offers early hands-on training.

That will give you the best chances of getting a top-quality coaching education.

In the end, though, your choice of coaching certification will come down to your unique preferences and circumstances.

Whatever you’re looking for, I hope this list will make it easier to find.

Oh, and if you want to save it for later, you can download it as a PDF (coming soon!).

Quick Navigation

Click the links below to jump directly to the most relevant coaching certifications for you:

Business Coaching Certifications: In-Person

Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery | Newfield Network |✓ ICF accredited | $11,400

Transform the way you see and are in the world through Newfield’s ontological approach and learn to coach others to do the same.

CoachRICE Certification | Doerr Institute for New Leaders |✓ ICF accredited | $5,950

Learn processes that combine collaboration, creativity, and compassion to become a co-active agent of change for clients and organizations.

Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching | Georgetown University | ✘ ICF accredited | $13,995

Become a change-agent in organizations by studying coaching within a leadership context and understanding how to create productive relationships in the coaching role.

Executive Coaching Certification | Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute | ✘ ICF accredited | $19,500–$21,500

Learn how to excel at the critical soft skills leaders require — including empathy, professional intimacy, leadership presence, and effective communication skills.

Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being | George Mason University |✓ ICF accredited | $10,495

Learn how to use strengths-based approaches and methodologies and transformative practices that deepen self-awareness, develop coaching presence, and facilitate organizational well-being.

Business Coaching Certifications: Online

Certified Coach Credential | Academy of Creative Coaching |✓ ICF accredited | $2,795–$5,395

Learn the foundations of coaching, relationship building, effective communication, coaching techniques, and business development.

Certified Personal and Executive Coach Program | The CaPP Institute |✓ ICF accredited | $3,290

Get the tools and knowledge to effectively run a coaching practice-whether in an organization or as a business owner.

Certified Personal and Executive Coach Training Program | College of Executive Coaching |✓ ICF accredited | $8,990

Learn to build on your strengths and help your clients achieve their most important goals.

Executive and Professional Coaching Certificate | Naveen Jindal School of Management |✓ ICF accredited | $12,000

Learn proven evidenced-based models and skill-based competencies to coach leaders and teams at every level.

Executive Coaching Certification | Center for Executive Coaching |✓ ICF accredited | $7,350

Learn how to work with leaders, executives, managers, business owners, up-and-coming-talent, and other professionals.

Fast Track to ICF Credential | Coaching Out of the Box |✓ ICF accredited | $3,370–$3,295

A streamlined process to obtain the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential.

Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach Training | Goal Imagery Institute |✓ ICF accredited | $2,499-$4,997

Comprehensive training that covers a wide variety of coaching niches and approaches.

Life Coaching Certifications: In-Person

Fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching | CTI |✓ ICF accredited | $11,430

Learn how to use use Co-Active Coaching to be more aware, connected, creative, and successful.

Integral Coach | New Ventures West | San Francisco | ✓ ICF accredited | $12,400

Learn a structured integral methodology honed by combining rigorous theory and the practical concerns of everyday people.

Core Essentials FastTrack Program | Coach U |✓ ICF accredited | $4,595-$5,095

Learn the necessary skills trainings to succeed as a life coach whether you are hoping to become self-employed or work in an organization.

Life Coach Academy Course | YB12 |✓ ICF accredited | $3,950

Get access to comprehensive courses, a proven marketing system, and a high level support system.

Life Coach Certification | Life Purpose Institute |✓ ICF accredited | $2,500

A comprehensive training program that will provide you with a complete roadmap for becoming a highly effective and successful life coach.

Professional Coach Certification | Work Life Destinations |✓ ICF accredited | $1,195

Become a certified professional coach, start coaching clients and earning income in one weekend.

Life Coaching Certifications: Online

Certified Life Coach | Express Coaching |✓ ICF accredited | $1,997

Get all the working knowledge necessary to effectively coach your clients.

Coach Certification Program | iPEC | ✓ ICF accredited | $11,950

Comprehensive program that contains all the instruction, tools, and support you need to become a successful coach and business owner.

Core Essentials Program Telecourse | Coach U | ✓ ICF accredited | $3,195

Learn the necessary skills trainings to succeed as a life coach whether you are hoping to become self-employed or work in an organization.

Laser Coaching Intensive | Life Coaching Group |✓ ICF accredited | $3,200

Learn how to master and improve powerful coaching skills so you can coach with confidence.

Life Coach Academy Course | YB12 |✓ ICF accredited | $3,950

Get access to comprehensive courses, a proven marketing system, and a high level support system.

Life Coach Certification | Life Purpose Institute |✓ ICF accredited | $2,500

A comprehensive training program that will provide you with a complete roadmap for becoming a highly effective and successful life coach.

Life Coach Certification Online | iNLP Center |✓ ICF accredited | $2,400-$3,200

Become a certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, and Certified Life Coach.

Life Coach Training Course | Hart Life Coaching |✓ ICF accredited | $3,300

Learn a coaching model that is based on trusting your heart, living by values, and establishing habits that support you.

Life Coaching Academy | ACA Coach Academies |✓ ICF accredited | $997.50–$1995

Learn basic and advanced coaching skills to change the lives of those you coach.

Optimize Coach | | ✘ ICF accredited | $1,000

Learn how to become the best version of yourself and help others do the same.

Professional Coach Certification | Coach School |✓ ICF accredited | $8000

Get the the tools, frameworks and skills you need to be a successful coach, and the freedom and flexibility to develop your own coaching style.

The Certified Coach Program | Coach Training Alliance | ✓ ICF accredited | $3,497

Become a certified life coach with paying clients and a growing practice in six months.

Whole Person Certified Coach | Coach Training World | ✓ ICF accredited | $5,795–$6,995

Learn how to co-create an empowering transformational learning process with your clients that elicits their very best.

Meditation Coaching Certifications: In-Person

Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training | davidji | $4,375

This training interweaves the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of meditation into your personal journey and goals.

Meditation Teacher Certificate | The Path | $2,600

Practice meditation, learn wisdom, and develop your teaching skills with teachers immersed in the latest knowledge on neuroscience, Buddhism and the art of teaching.

Meditation Teacher Training in Compassion | Nalanda Institute | $2,450

Meditation teacher training for people who want to delve deeply into compassion-based practice.

Mindfulness Teacher Certification | Engaged Mindfulness Institute | $5,475-$6,475

A thorough education in both the classical and scientific foundations of mindfulness practice and teaching.

Mindfulness Teacher Training Program | Mindfulness Training Institute | $5,925

Cultivate your own mindfulness practice and develop mindfulness teaching skills so you can teach a variety of mindfulness programs with confidence and clarity.

Meditation Coaching Certifications: Online

Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher | School of Positive Transformation | $540

A highly practical course that will give you the knowledge and experience you need to be a competent teacher of meditation.

Certified Meditation Teacher Course | Aura Wellness Center | $297

This course is designed for yoga teachers, support group coordinators, teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, mental health counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and health care professionals.

MBSR Teacher Certification | UCSD Center for Mindfulness | $11,190

Learn how to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to the general public.

Meditation Instructor Certification | American Institute of Healthcare Professionals | $950

A comprehensive, high-quality, certification program for meditation instructors.

Meditation Teacher Training Certification | The Veda Center | $1000

Learn to teach effective and simple meditation techniques that cultivate Present Moment Awareness, Calm Focus, Transcendence/Self Discovery and Energized Body and Mind.

Mindfulness Certification Training for Individuals and Coaches | iNLP | $499-$1,297

Become a certified Mindfulness Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, and NLP Practitioner.

Primordial Sound Meditation Online Certification | Chopra | $1,995

Deepen your personal meditation practice while gaining the confidence and skills to teach meditation to others.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Becoming The Incredible Coach You Truly Are | Mindfulness Coaching School | $1,350

This class interweaves wellness applications, engaged mindfulness, positive psychology, good coaching business principles, and experiential processes for yourself and clients.

The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program | Sounds True | $6,700

A two-year training program for teaching awareness and compassion-based strategies.

Budget Coaching Certifications: Online

Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach Certification | Transformation Academy | $9.99-$199.99

Learn to how to coach entrepreneurs to improve their business with real-world MBA training.

Goal Setting to Success | Transformation Academy | $9.99–$194.99

Learn how to help clients be successful, achieve their goals, and reach their dreams.

Happiness Life Coach Certification | Transformation Academy | $9.99–$194.99

Learn powerful tools and strategies to help your clients find their happiness.

Life Coaching Certificate Course | Achology Ltd | $9.99 -$199.99

Learn the transformational Achology Life Coaching process and become a highly skilled, Achology certified Life Coach.

Life Coach Training Course | Renaissance Life Therapies | $9.99 -$199.99

Become a certified life coach and start your own coaching business.

Life Purpose Life Coach Certification | Transformation Academy | $9.99-$194.99

Learn powerful tools & strategies to help clients find their purpose & passion.

Mindfulness Life Coach Certification & Mindfulness Blueprint | Transformation Academy | $9.99–$199.99

Learn proven, step-by-step mindfulness techniques and meditation exercises to help life coaching clients develop a mindfulness and meditation routine.

Professional Life Coach Certification & Guide | Transformation Academy | $9.99-$194.99

Become a certified life coach & grow your life coaching business. Done-for-you forms, tools, processes & best practices.

Professional Life Coaching Certification | Empowerment Coach Academy | $9.99-$199.99

Stand out and differentiate yourself as a professional life coach.

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