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Featured Course: Wake Up & Take Charge Of Your Life

Today’s featured coach, Matt Frazier, founder of, will help you figure out your most important goal and then take clear, actionable steps to achieve it. His 31-day course, Wake Up, is available for $9.99. Try the first exercise on anchor habits for free.

“Last year I bought your Wake Up program because my life had kind of stalled and I really didn’t know where to go next. I had a dead end part-time job I hated with nothing on the horizon. Within a month, I enrolled in a business course to help me write my business plan. Now, 1 year later, I’ve moved to a new city and I’m 4 months into owning my own artist run boutique:

You helped me change my life. Thank you!”

– Shilo

Here’s more about the course from Matt:

“It’s time to wake up. Time to stop sleepwalking, so to speak, while life just keeps happening to you. Instead of you making things happen. 

Look, I’m not insulting you. The fact that you’re reading this says that you’re interested in something better, in getting more out of life. 

Maybe you’re not satisfied just to go to work all day and come home to pop open a drink, watch a few hours of TV and do who-knows-what on the internet. Then hit the sack and get up to do it all over again, waiting for a precious two days off on the weekend.

Deep down, you just know there’s more out there for you–in your levels of health and fitness, your career, your relationships, and the rest of your life, too. 

I was really stuck myself. I had goals I wanted to achieve, but with no game plan it was slow going. With a lot of hard work, I made it.

My most important goal was running. I went vegetarian so that I could run longer and faster and ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:09:59, more than an hour and a half faster than my first marathon. I’ve gone on to run seven ultramarathons since, including a 100-miler.

I learned a lot from working on big goals, and developed a process for creating action plans that can help you achieve your big goals. If you want to see results but need help figuring out a plan to do that, this is the course for you.

The course includes a daily audio lesson and follow-up activity to put what you learn into action.

Throughout the course I’ll share examples as well as helpful hints to keep you on track. You’ll be able to ask questions and meet others taking the course in the community Q&A section. See you there.”

– Matt Frazier

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How to get started on achieving the results you want:

Step 1: Join Matt’s course today. It’s available for $9.99.

Step 2: Watch the first video lesson and do the first activity. The course is designed so that you can take it at your own pace, but if you start today you’ll be on track with the rest of the group.

Step 3: Go out and be awesome.