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Habit Coach Commencement #11 with Liz Guthridge

Congratulations to the 11th cohort of Certified Habit Coaches!

At, we match great clients to great coaches, research and train new types of coaching, and provide tools for coaches to succeed. We pioneered the momentum method because science has proven that habits are powerful tools for achieving goals. We know that coaching is uniquely effective for growth and improvement.

We upgraded to this cohort-based certification program 3 years ago from a self-paced approach so that both clients and coaches could benefit from the enhanced training and practice.

Keynote Speaker

Liz Guthridge is a habits certified coach at, a graduate of the second cohort back in October 2020. She’s also a Master Corporate Executive Coach through the Association of Executive Coaches and a Fellow of the Institute of Coaching.

Liz is a leadership coach, consultant and facilitator with a background in applied neuroscience, behavior design (including habits), and lean communications. For the NeuroLeadership Institute where she did her coaching training, her research project was on Mastering Habits: Taking advantage of the brain’s plasticity.

These days, Liz works with leaders at all levels to help them rewire their mindset to adapt to our more complex world. Leaders are than able to build more capacity, clarity, and curiosity, which allows them to better navigate more uncertain situations, connect more dots, and build stronger relationships with stakeholders across multiple ecosystems.

LeadersHum recently named Liz to its “Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership in 2023.” Liz writes and speaks regularly on leadership issues, including writing a monthly article for Forbes as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

She also serves as the human member of a therapy dog team in Charleston, SC where she lives. Marcel the Therapy Dog de-stresses patients and staff at the psychiatric hospital as well as college students. Through the Paws for Literacy Program, they also help students practice and improve their reading.

Graduating Coaches

Corbet Fawcett
Corbett helps shy introverts and ambitious extroverts create more connections in their lives by building a strong network.

Barbara Garnier
Helps creatives complete their admin tasks by spending 60 seconds a day on them.

Anjali Mehta
Helps busy individuals have more balance in their lifestyle by cultivating awareness in their day.

Jonathan Williams
Helps young people celebrate their accomplishments and build confidence in pursuit of success.