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HCC15 Graduation Ceremony with Dr.Donita Brown

Congratulations to the 15th class of Certified Habit Coaches!

At, we pioneered the momentum method because science has proven that habits are powerful tools for achieving goals. We know that coaching is uniquely effective for growth and improvement.

Several years ago, we upgraded to this cohort-based certification program, and this cohort yet another proof that it was a great decision. In fact, our keynote speaker may be able to tell us the science behind why it works so well.

HCC16 Cohort has early registrations open, make sure you secure your spot. 
Also, this year, we’ve introduced HCC On-demand that is available for you to enjoy the program at your own pace and become a Certified Coach. 

Commencement Speaker

Dr. Donita Brown is a Certified Habit Coach at focusing on habit development and transformative power of self-care and leadership. Dr.Brown is an Assistant Professor at Lipscomb University College of Business. She has a widely acclaimed podcast the Management Minute with Dr.Donita Brown

Graduating Coaches

Wildo Ballenilla 
helps people regain financial control, achieve goals, and find hope.

Yusuf Mahomedy
helps clients achieve 60 LinkedIn leads in 60 days

Chris Miles 
helps clients get a crystal clear vision of where they are at today, what they REALLY want to achieve, and what actions and habits will take them there

Minoo Shinde
helps women gain clarity about their life and relationship challenges and develop strategies to propel to the next level, so they can experience greater empowerment and joy in their lives.

Lizbeth Siscar
helps multicultural beings live happier, more playful, and more joyful lives through simple yet powerful steps.

Jeanne Verré
helps busy moms to enjoy their parenting by building a true relationship with their child.

Toya Wright
helps women of color who struggle with work/life balance start their day with a 30-second affirmation before getting out of bed in the morning


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