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How to Be Bold with Liza Wisner

Congratulations to the tenth cohort of Certified Habit Coaches!

At, we match great clients to great coaches, research and train new types of coaching, and provide tools for coaches to succeed. We pioneered the momentum method because science has proven that habits are powerful tools for achieving goals. We know that coaching is uniquely effective for growth and improvement.

We upgraded to this cohort-based certification program 3 years ago from a self-paced approach so that both clients and coaches could benefit from the enhanced training and practice.

Although the curriculum is the same, each cohort has its own personality. This cohort was particularly energetic and intensely focused on how best to serve clients. I immediately thought of my friend Liza, and her mission to get us all plugged in and powered up.

Keynote Speaker

Award-winning television personality Liza Wisner is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Talent Development Expert, Workforce Optimization Keynote Speaker, and was a top 3 finalist on the television show, “The Apprentice” on NBC. Liza serves her community as the Curator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives at OpenSesame, on a mission to develop the world’s most productive, admired, and inclusive workforces. She leads strategic initiatives for more inclusivity in human capital services and works directly with many organizations all over the world to make their products and services connect better with their teams and their community.

Professionally trained in computer science and educational technology, Liza has built an incredible career and has turned her love of human capital optimization and process automation into a fulfilling life. Liza is also the founder of social organizations, including the non-profit, ‘’ whose mission is to bridge the divide and provide opportunities where everyone rises up. For more information about Liza, visit her website: 

Graduating Coaches

Kristin Austin
Helps B2B business owners and execs build their revenue by doing a single new business action each day.

Daphne Grech Cumbo
Helps mid-career professionals find joy and fuel performance through wellness starting with a 5-minute daily movement habit.

Charlotte Dover
Helps self-doubting women grow in self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

JG Germinario
Helps pre-entrepreneurs and complex individuals start each day with their ultimate purpose in view.

Thalia Goulis
Helps distracted people set their focus and priorities by identifying three key tasks each day.

Asia Hadley
Helps busy professional moms in the social sector create powerful morning self-care routines so they can vibrantly show up for themselves and those they love and serve.

David Limiero
Helps people keep the momentum from their retreats by starting with reading one identity statement out loud.

Patty Meza
Helps busy moms in creating the right tools to make them feel stronger, healthier, and successful both in mind and body.

Shari Walker
Helps people tired of the status quo create empowering soulful habits by adding one item to their digital vision board each day.