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Peter Benei

Peter Benei – Leadership anywhere

In this episode with Peter Benei, we talked about the following:

  • The first 10 years of his career were separated into two distinct phases, in-office and remote.
  • He moved to London for a more global view and to prove that he was capable of working in advertising in the center of the world.
  • During his time in London, he saw more and more people working remotely.
  • Hybrid: there is an office or location, part of the employees go to the office and another part works remotely
  • Remote: when people are free from the location, but work at the same time. They work synchronously.
  • Async: when people work location and time independently.
  • We make bad decisions because we have a time limitation or information limitation.
  • You can avoid these bad decisions by writing down the problem and a suggestion on how you would resolve it, then you share it with other people, allowing them to contribute, and having a short meeting to make the decision together. (check the book for a great explanation)
  • You create great documentation for your organisation on these types of decisions.
  • With asynchronous decision-making making, you have a focused documented meeting at the end.
  • Leading a team that operates remotely, requires you to talk less and listen more, be more transparent by documenting everything, and be supportive of your team.

Peter Benei is the founder of Anywhere Consulting, a boutique business and management consulting company specializing in operations and growth strategies for B2B companies.

He is the author of Leadership Anywhere, how to become a better asynchronous leader book, the host of the Leadership Anywhere podcast, and the creator of Anywhere Hub, a resource library and community for managers of remote companies.

He has worked remotely as a growth leader since 2014 for global startups and led companies to seed & Series A funding or a successful exit. He has a background in advertising and worked at agencies with Fortune 500 brands in London and Budapest.

You can find Peter Benei here:




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