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12 Best Life Coaching Directories to Find Yourself A Life Coach or List Yourself As One

If you’re starting a life coaching career, getting listed in a  well-known coaching directory is an easy and practical way to get new clients. Established coaching directories have built their reputation over years and already host many successful coaches. If you join one or more of these directories, you can leverage their community and clients to boost your career. 

This works both for new coaches to kickstart their careers and for established coaches to get a steady inflow of new clients.

This article will guide you on everything you need to know before listing yourself on some of the internet’s most trusted coaching directories. Each directory listed here has its own unique features and pricing, so make sure you go through all of them before making a decision. 

Please note that all prices mentioned here are in USD.


The community has connected tens of thousands of clients to coaches across all specialties. The sign-up fee is intentionally low at $5 per month with the idea that they only make money when you make money. That happens through a revenue-sharing program on clients that they or their affiliate network bring to you.

  • Once you sign up, you’ll receive a dedicated profile on the website and you can offer either text-based on calls-based coaching services as per your discretion. 
  • You can also design multiple tiers of coaching services at different prices depending on the support you’re promising. 
  • In addition, has a very active community of coaches on Slack where people keep each other accountable and help in cross-promotions and spreading the word about your services on social media channels. 

A few times every year, they host the much-trusted Habit Coach Certification program. The cohort-based program provides coaches an added opportunity to learn how to serve their clients better with professional guidance.

  1. Life Coach Spotter

There are some prerequisites before you can sign up to Life Coach Spotter, a platform with 300+ certified life coaches on their coaching directory. These are:

  • A LinkedIn profile or personal website.
  • Your life coaching certification and training details.

Life Coach Spotter is free to join. Since they hand-pick each coach, the platform remains invite-only. If you wish to join Life Coach Spotter as a coach, you’ll have to fill their form and will receive an invite if you’re deemed fit. Since the form only asks for links, it’s important that either your LinkedIn profile or your website is optimized to show your expertise and work experience.

Once you join, you’ll get access to their proprietary training. Also, since the platform assures a steady flow of new clients, you won’t have to worry about marketing your services.


  1. Noomii

Noomii claims to be “the web’s largest network of professional coaches,” but to list yourself as a coach there, you’ll need a mandatory ICF credential.

  • A cool feature is that Noomii asks for an ideal client summary. This can be especially beneficial for new coaches who haven’t given much thought about the kind of people they want to work with at the beginning.
  • Noomii has a free and paid plan for coaches. The differences between the two can be seen in the screenshot attached. 
  • There’s a 100% refund policy as well, but to be eligible, every coach needs to complete a survey regarding how many clients have hired them through Noomii and how much revenue these clients have generated. 
  • The refund only applies to the one-year payment plan (normally $397 per year). Any additional services purchased from Noomii are NOT covered by this policy and are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. This refund can be claimed only once per lifetime per coach. 
  • They have a coaching training school for an added charge.


  1. Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub is a community of clients, coaches, and life coach trainers where people can sign up and join according to their goals. As a life coach, you’ll have to pay a joining fee to list yourself on the platform (prices shown in the attached screenshot). Any money you make from the clients is yours to keep. They also have a 14-day free trial on all packages.

  • The interesting feature about Life Coach Hub is that they provide website and advertising packages for coaches. Every coach who joins receives their own subdomain.
  • They also have marketing and website design packages at an extra charge.
  • Life Coach Hub offers the option of team coaching with higher discounts as the team size increases. 
  • With customizable coaching forms and automated welcome packages, Life Coach Hub promises to be a “business-in-a-box” solution where they provide everything you need to start your coaching business and convert it to a profitable system.
  • Every time a client checks out Life Coach Hub’s directory listing and contacts a coach, the coaches will receive their contact details. Then, they can email the prospective client further and sell their services directly.
  • Certification is not mandatory to join the platform. Anyone can list themselves as a life coach on the Life Coach Hub directory.


  1. Bark

Bark is a community of more than 1 million professionals from all over the world providing various services including life coaching. The platform requires no fee for joining as a coach, but every client-coach introduction is charged a small one-time fee. All follow-up conversations are free.

  • There is no commission and no hidden costs. 
  • There’s no hassle of marketing your services because Bark professionals get a list of active leads as soon as they sign up.
  • Only coaches from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand can list themselves as life coaches on Bark. It is mandatory to provide a relevant Zipcode to join.


  1. Life Coach Directory 

Life Coach Directory is a professional network for coaches in the UK dedicated to breaking the stigma of mental health in our society. The joining fee is about $27 per month and $270 for a year. All the money made from clients is for the coaches to keep. There are no free trials, but registered charities can join the platform for free.

  • Each coach receives a dedicated personal profile and access to a dashboard where they can track their views and stats.
  • No certification is needed to list yourself as a life coach.
  • Coaches can also write for the official blog site of Life Coach Directory for better visibility and SEO.
  1. The International Association of Professional Life Coaches

All new life coaches need to pay $47 per month fee to get listed. You can cancel this subscription anytime. This membership fee also includes:

  • Monthly business & marketing training
  • Promotion on social media
  • Access to an archive of selected masterclasses from past years.
  • Free training program on business management.
  • The International Association of Professional Life Coaches also provides an “official badge showing that you belong to a professional organization.” You can use this badge for your website or any other form of promotional media.
  • There is no trial period. But they offer a 15-minute clarity call with the team to help the prospective coaches understand how IAPLC can help them.
  1. International Coaching Federation

The International Coaching Federation is the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches. The annual membership is $245. To join as a life coach, you will need the following:

  • A current ICF credential. If you don’t have an ICF credential, you can also join the platform if you have 60 hours of coach-specific training that meets ICF’s training requirements.
  • After getting an ICF credential, you can join the platform as a life coach. You can also use this credential to join various other life coaching directories where this is mandatory.


  1. Trusted Coach Directory

Trusted Coach Directory is a UK-based exclusive coaching and leadership platform where you can join if you have at least 3 years and 500 hours of formal coaching experience. You also need to be a member of a professional coaching body (like ICF) to be considered for listing your services here. 

  • They offer a personal matching service connecting clients with coaches that includes marketing resources and free advertising for your workshops & events.
  • You’ll also get the ‘Trusted Coach’ branding that you can use on your website, LinkedIn profile etc. 
  • Their presence on the internet also ensures increased exposure via Twitter and LinkedIn.

The application fee is about $50 + VAT (non-refundable) which also covers your first months’ membership. Your membership includes regular coach supervision and professional indemnity insurance.


  1. Coach Directory

This is the largest independent directory of coaches in South Africa with over 200 individual coaches, coach companies, workshop facilitators, motivational speakers, mentors, and coach training institutions.

  • They have a basic listing plan for $50 per year where you can select up to five categories of expertise
  • There’s a premium plan of $80 per year where you can select 10 categories of expertise. You’ll also get access to an extensive marketing campaign to promote your services.
  • There are no additional costs and all the money made from coaching is for you to keep.


  1. WITI PowerSource Coach Directory

Women in Technology International (WITI), the leading organization for the advancement and inclusion of women in business and technology is a great place for talented women (and men) to mentor the next generation of tech leaders.

It is super easy to sign up as a coach on the WITI PowerSource Coach Directory. All you have to do is fill the form on their website to be considered for listing. No certifications are needed for you to list yourself as a life coach on their directory.


  1. We Are Tellent

This is a community of over 5,000 mid-career women going through career and life transitions. To join as a life coach, you need to pay a one-time fee of $430. After this, all the money you make from clients is yours to keep.

  • You need to have a coaching certification (preferably ICF) to register as a life coach.
  • They also have a referral program where if you refer other coaches, you get 15% of the coaching fee they charge the client.

This was a list of some of the best coaching directories on the internet and the perks they offer on joining. What are some features you’d like to see in an ideal coaching directory? Do any of these meet your requirements? Share your thoughts in the comments below.