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Top Coaching Directories to Join to Get More Coaching Clients

There are many coach directories out there. Some require very expensive fees. Others require that you have completed their training. But others are open to all coaches and have either very low fees or are free. We think coaches should join all of these open coach directories. Joining these is one of the easiest ways to get new clients and grow your coaching business. However, not all coaching directories are created equal. Below are the directories we think are most likely to send you clients.

What is a Coach Directory?

A coach directory is a platform that allows coaches to list their coaching services and prospective clients to hire them. The best coaching directories work hard to find prospective clients. Typically coaches pay a membership fee to be listed and/or a referral fee when they get a new client.

Why use a Coach Directory?

Most methods of marketing your coaching business require hours of work every week. Listing yourself on a coaching directory typically requires less than an hour of your time. After that, it doesn’t require any additional work. Even if the directory only sends you one client lead a year, your return on investment will be worthwhile.

How to stand out in a Coach Directory?

The downside of a coaching directory is that you don’t have much space to build a relationship with a client before they hire you. So it’s best to represent yourself with your most clear coaching packages. Be specific about what goals you help people achieve.

Which coach directories should you use?

Below are the directories we currently think you should try, with details on costs, regions served, and other information to help you find the best places to be listed.

Some good directories are region-specific and so you should only join them if you are in that region.

Of course, we list ourselves because we do know that we send thousands of clients to coaches every year. But we think it’s still probably worthwhile to list yourself on more than just the directory.

We strive to keep this information up to date. Please help us. Do you have an experience to share about any of these directories? Please let us know which worked and did not work to actually send you clients. Please also let us know of any updates or corrections to this list.


Region: International

Let’s be clear: we’re biased here! This is our own company.

But that doesn’t change the fact that this is the best place for coaches to hang their shingle. We send thousands of clients to coaches every year, have an amazing community, offer non-stop training and support for growing your coaching business, invented the field of habit coaching as a new way to reach and support clients, and are constantly adding software tools like online group coaching.

We have several sources of incoming clients: we are highly ranked on Google, our habit tracking app leads to many clients to coaching, our publishing efforts reach more than 50 million people every year.

We aim for very affordable pricing at just $5/month with a revenue share only if we bring you a client.

#2. International Coaching Federation

Region: International

The ICF is the premier coaching organization and so their directory has a lot of respect. To be a part of this directory, you must be a member and to be a member you must meet their training and credential requirements. Membership is $245/year.

Your listing in their directory will include your personal contact information and it will be up to you to respond to inbound leads and coordinate payment.

#3. Life Coach Hub

Region: International

Offers software, advertising, and website packages at varying costs. The directory listing is free and comes with a “contact me” button. You will then have to pay $10 for each client lead that comes in this way.  This pricing makes the directory relatively low risk although I would suspect that not all leads turn into paying clients.

#4. Noomi

Region: International

Noomi provides prospective clients with a coach directory to browse and a coach-matching service that emails clients with a list of coaches on the site who might meet their needs. Noomi is free for clients and costs coaches $397 per year. There is also an option to list yourself for free, but that option has very limited functionality.

The coaching profile on Noomi includes an audio interview with Noomi staff where the coach answers questions like “what is your ideal client”. Their FAQ says that “In a given year, a coach on Noomii’s directory of coaches can expect to be contacted and hired by anywhere from one to twelve paying clients per year. Some coaches do much better, others not as well.” and that a typical client engagement is $350 per month.

#5. International Association of Professional Life Coaches

Region: International

This directory focuses on life coaching and requires a $47/month subscription to be listed as a coach. They offer a self-study certification program for $997.

Clients find coaching by browsing the directory, which links directly to the coach’s own website.

Honorable Mentions

The following are popular directories that are either specific to a region or have other important limitations.

Life Coach Directory

Region: UK

Life Coach Directory is a professional network for coaches in the UK. It costs £19.50 per month to be listed in the directory with a personal profile. To get the “Life Coach Policy Approved Seal” within the directory, coaches must provide qualifications and insurance information, or proof of registration with an accredited coaching body. This directory is only for coaches in the UK.

Trusted Coach Directory

Region: UK

UK-based coaching directory with a number of requirements to be listed.  Once accepted, membership ranges from £16.25 to £35 per month. There is a “Community Coach” level for coaches who do not meet the regular membership requirements. This directory is only for coaches in the UK.

Life Coach Spotter

Region: US

Life Coach Spotter requires an application for you to join their directory. The required qualifications are unclear:  “If your training and credentials meet our standards, you can join us.”

Clients find coaches on the site by filling out a form with detailed personal and contact information to be matched with coaches. Signing up is free. However, you have to buy leads which cost approximately $15 per lead. Once you have a lead then you can start messaging the client and work out payment details.

This means that this directory requires active management. That’s why we don’t recommend it higher.

Coach Directory (South Africa)

Region: South Africa

If you are based in South Africa, then this is probably a directory worth joining. Clients find coaches by browsing the directory, which goes to the coach’s web site. Listing costs R750/year for a basic listing in five coaching categories, up to R1,200/yr to be listed in 10 categories. This directory is only for coaches in South Africa.