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2024 Starts Now

Introducing Better Daily and Enhanced Coach Memberships

We wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year!

Together, we’re creating a momentous 2024 – and we’re starting right now.

Today is the official release of our two biggest projects – for clients and coaches. I’m so proud of our team for their collaboration, persistence, and creativity in bringing these ideas to life. We’ve wrestled with outdated technology, experimented to identify the best path forward, aligned around our core values, and worked through endless lists to get the details just right. This is the just the beginning, and it gives us a strong foundation to build from.

Consider this your official invitation to kickstart your 2024 with us!

Better Daily

Be the first to see our new signature program, Better Daily.

After hundreds of conversations with potential clients, we knew we needed a better front door. It needed to be welcoming, simple, fun, and affordable. It also needed to help folks experience the surprising power of keystone habits and understand how habit coaching supports sustainable progress.

With this program, we can help folks make meaningful progress towards common goals – and introduce them to the specific coaches that can keep their momentum going.

Each week will feature a different keystone habit, infusing habit science with empowering stories. We’ll close each week with recommendations for certified coaches. Each habit will be archived and will be easily accessible throughout the year.

This week, we’ll share how you can apply to be a featured coach. If you’d like to get a head start, do this:

  1. Review our article (or your HCC notes) on Keystone Habits
  2. Review your Individual Coaching Packages to be sure they align (names, descriptions, type)

Better Coaching Memberships

Just as we wanted to serve our clients better, we knew it was time to overhaul our coach memberships too.

We’re unveiling new levels that provide the platform, tools, training, and peer community that support you in building a thriving coaching business. With nearly a decade as a coaching platform, we’ve identified the best practices of prosperous coaches. These packages set you up for success too.

If you’re ready to launch (or re-launch) in 2024, we’ve added a special program to ensure your first year is right on track. We’re limiting this initial cohort to 15 coaches, and we’ll get started on January 20. (I’m particularly excited to lead this cohort personally.)

If you’re already coaching and are ready to grow, our Accelerator Program plugs you in to weekly facilitated masterminds, strategy sessions with experienced coaches, and training programs to ensure you keep moving forward.

If you have plenty of clients and want to streamline your systems, our Professional Package ensures you never get bogged down in administrative tasks and have an elegant profile and referral tools.

If you’re not sure which one would be best for you, email us at We can connect on a 1:1 call to help you decide.

Forward together,

Coach Kendra1