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Can You Give Up Alcohol for 30 Days?

Abstaining from alcohol is the most effective way to create immediate, significant change in your life. Currently, 1 in 6 US adults binge drink once a week and that’s certainly not good for their health.

30,000 of you know this, which is why you’re checking into the No Alcohol goal every day. And you’re succeeding:

“I’m almost 6 months in, and my favorite story so far it this: I asked my 10 year old daughter if she’s noticed a difference. She says, without giving it a thought, without pausing, “You’re much more interactive.” – Ian

“Not a heavy but regular drinker. Now I sleep much better and have more productive mornings.” – Dovile

“It’s only been a couple weeks for me… But it has been very beneficial already. I feel a ton healthier. I know I have saved a couple hundred already and thousands in the long run. It has already been obvious that my fiancé is much happier with me and more calm in our relationship. He isn’t on edge wondering if I’m going to get hammered. It was like there were three people in the relationship… And now just two :)” – Mark

For the rest of you, I want to explain why quitting alcohol will have a profound effect on your life.

Drinking alcohol is in the same category of bad habits as skimping on sleep or eating unhealthy foods. It doesn’t do permanent damage (in moderation) but regular consumption subtly chips away at your ability to be superhuman.

  • If your goal is to get a promotion, hangovers ruin your productivity.
  • If your goal is to lose weight, alcohol adds hundreds of empty calories to your diet.
  • If your goal is to start a new hobby, bar hopping wastes your leisure time.
  • If your goal is to get in shape, alcohol causes dehydration.
  • If your goal is to improve relationships with family and friends, alcohol encourages superficial bonds. Worse, it kills your memory.

Cutting down on your drinking (or cutting it out completely) can help you achieve the other goals on your list. Just try it for 30 days—see what benefits the change has in your life.

Breaking habits is hard to do, which is why we’ve brought on Coach Cecily Kellogg to help you stick to the challenge.

Cecily quit drinking 19 years ago. The decision saved her marriage, career, and life. She’s a coach because she knows how hard it is to quit drinking, even if you aren’t addicted, and how crucial it is to have support. If you are addicted to alcohol though, it can be a very long and difficult process to overcome this addiction. With the help of Pacific Ridge Oregon alcoholism treatment, you could try and get your life back on track at your own pace. Alternatively, Cecily could help you pinpoint the positive changes, be it to cut alcohol completely or reduce your consumption gradually.

Read on for more information on her coaching style and how she can help.

In Service,
Tony, CEO of

Here’s how Cecily describes her coaching and her goals for you to have greater clarity in your life:

“When drinking crosses the line from fun social activity to a distraction that’s impeding you from reaching your goals, it’s time to take a break and seek clarity. I can help you determine if you and alcohol need to break up and how you can thrive without it.

One thing I’ve learned is this: it’s so much better to not do it alone. I don’t believe there is one path to clarity and a life without alcohol and I’m willing to support you on your terms.

I want to help you find clarity in 2015 (#Clarity15). I will hold you accountable and share my tips and tricks for creating a new life sans booze. I can’t wait to start.”

Hire Cecily today and use promo code CLARITY15 to get your first week of coaching free. Click to hire Cecily on

You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose…except the mental fog! We’re convinced that even social drinkers can see a big payoff by abstaining from alcohol, and we know that coaching is the best way to support real habit change.