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Master any language

It’s never too late to learn a language. Today’s featured coach Daniel Lemos will teach you techniques to learn a new language or increase your fluency in a language you already know. Enter the promo code P29Z5WEEK to get your first week of coaching free.

Daniel has learned 7 new languages (and counting) in addition to his native Portuguese by using effective language learning techniques and designing a self-study program that fit his needs. He can help you do the same and master whatever language will help you grow in your personal or professional life.

Here’s Daniel on the benefits of learning a new language and how you can do so seamlessly with his help:

“Many people think that learning a new language is difficult if not impossible. But is it, really? I’ve traveled to or lived in over 20 countries and learned 7 new languages. I assure you that your success depends mostly on you.

I’d always dreamed of living abroad but my fear of learning a new language well enough to get a job and make friends in a foreign country held me back. I got over my fears and moved to Slovakia a few years ago. I had to learn a new language–Slovak–in order to get a job and survive. It was scary, but as it turns out, not as hard or impossible as I’d imagined. It was the best decision of my life and led to many more experiences traveling and living abroad.

I feel so confident and free now that
I’ve gone through the experience of successfully learning a new language. I can live or travel wherever I want because I know that I can learn to communicate wherever I go. Nothing can stop me. And if I can learn a new language from scratch and survive in a foreign country, there’s no limit to what I can achieve.

There are countless reasons to learn a new language or become more fluent in a language you already know and you’re never too old to learn. There’s the obvious benefit of being able to communicate with more people and potentially travel or work abroad. Language learning also sharpens your cognitive skills, boosts your employment potential, and opens up new travel opportunities.

We all learn differently and there is a unique system that will work most effectively for you. As your coach, I’ll help you discover the learning patterns in your brain and your personal learning preferences so that you learn faster and have fun doing it.

A correct mindset is crucial to achieve this goal, too, so I’ll focus on helping you gain confidence in language learning, no matter how difficult the language you want to learn seems to be. Although methods, good books, and teachers are important in the process of learning a new language, some ordinary daily habits are really the key to improving your language skills. I’ll help you to create these habits according to your routine and personality. We’ll tailor the plan so that it’s just right for you and your language learning needs. And I’ll check-in with you every day to make sure you are on track, getting your daily practice in, and answer any questions you have.

Learning new languages made it possible for me to explore the world. Getting started can be quite hard but if you work hard, you can do it!! It’s changed the way I see communication and how people can convey the same thing in so many different ways. I have friends around the globe. It has opened doors for me, changed my relationships for the better, and given me more opportunities in my academic life and career.

If I was able to learn a new language from scratch, then you can do it, too! Your brain can accomplish amazing things and I’ll help you to unleash your potential.

– Daniel

Hire Daniel and Master Any Language

Here’s what one of Daniel’s clients had to say:

“Daniel has been my mentor during the process of learning a new language. Although the goal of learning a new language may seem quite frustrating at times, he’s always there for me, encouraging me to push forward with it. He’s passionate about languages in general and has customized a very effective plan for me. I’d definitely recommend him!”
–Thamires, April 2015