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Design the Ultimate Morning Routine

What you do first thing in the morning defines the tone and pace for the rest of your day. If you can successfully develop a healthy morning routine, you are already halfway to having an amazing day. Successful people know this, which is why they invest in building a morning routine that sets them up to perform at their peak.I know from first-hand experience. Everyday, I meditate on the train to work, which prepares me to tackle the day’s challenges and primes my brain to focus. Once I get to work, I write down my top priorities, which directs the energy of my workday.What could you do in the morning to work at your highest level, every day?

Today’s coach Elin Themer is a pro at designing transformational morning routines (she follows an intense one) and she can help you design the ultimate morning routine to power your mind and body. Today’s feature is good for up to 15 people–try Coach Elin’s coaching risk-free for one week with the promo code MYMORNING.
There’s no ideal morning routine out there, but by discussing your goals with Coach Elin, she’ll help you create one that will have the most impact on your life. You’ll start by building a couple of cornerstone morning habits. Overtime, as your morning routine becomes something you do on auto-pilot, you’ll add new habits or level up to more intense versions of the ones you already do. Coach Elin’s worked up to a 10-part morning routine that gives her mental and physical energy all day long:
7:00 Wake up, recite a positive affirmation, and make bed
7:05 Write a gratitude list
7:15 Meditate
7:25 Go for a run
7:45 Drink a glass of water
7:50 Ideation exercise
8:00 Set the day’s priorities
8:10 Shower
8:25 Eat breakfast
8:45 Work beginsCoach Elin gets the most energy from these three core habits, which are also incredibly popular with her clients:

For Creativity: Ideation Exercise
Give yourself 10 minutes to come up with 10 different ideas and give your creative muscles a warm up before work begins. Some of Coach Elin’s clients choose a different topic each day while others stick to the same topic, like her client Kent who uses the exercise to figure out ideas for running his business better:

“I tap into my creativity early by using Elin’s 10 Ideas habit. Those ideas have actually changed my business in dramatic ways, and this morning routine, thanks to Elin’s coaching, has changed my life!” With this being said, it may be harder for some people to tap into their creativity then it is for others. Whether you choose to bounce off other people’s ideas, go for a walk or find some inspiration, hopefully you may find a way to become more creative. You may even find that microdosing weed is a terrific way to boost creativity. Whatever route you choose to go down is completely up to you.

For Positive Thinking: Affirmations
The affirmation is simple: right when you wake up, say something positive to yourself about the day ahead, to boost your confidence and put yourself in a positive mindset. Here’s an example of one Coach Elin recites: “This day will be great. I will do my best and be the best version of myself.” That’s it! Alternatively, you could listen to a positive affirmation or strike a power pose.

For Health: Exercise
Go for a brisk walk, run, bike, or whatever will get your blood pumping. Exercise creates endorphins that boost happiness and reduce stress and anxiety. You’ll gain confidence from the sense of accomplishment. And studies have tied regular exercise to increased cognition, memory, productivity, and creativity.

Are you ready to build a performance-boosting morning routine? Here’s how to start:

Step 1: Hire Coach Elin to design your morning routine with you. The first 15 people to hire her as a coach today will get their first week of coaching free with the promo code MYMORNING.

Step 2: Coach Elin will help you identify the types of activities that will meet your goals for a morning routine, whether you want to get more energy, live healthier, boost your focus and productivity, calm anxiety, or all of the above. She’ll probably start you off with two habits that you can do back-to-back.

Step 3: When you follow your morning routine, you’ll check-in on Coach Elin will be in touch daily to support you, assess your progress, and when you are ready, kick your morning routine up a notch.