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Get a Free Week of Coaching with our top Paleo Diet coach, Rob Kovacs

Today we’re featuring our top paleo diet coach, Rob Kovacs, who can help you lose weight and get in shape by adopting a paleo diet. Sign up now and try Rob’s coaching for free with our complimentary free trial.

The theory behind the paleo diet is that modern foods and processing methods have contributed to the rise in obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and gluten and lactose allergies. You can avoid these illnesses and improve your health and energy by following a paleo lifestyle.

The diet eliminates most processed foods, beans, wheat, soy, and usually dairy. Traditionalists don’t include dairy, but some folks do. You can eat all the meat (preferably antibiotic-free and grass-fed), vegetables, certain fats, sweet potatoes, nuts, and berries you want.

Whether you subscribe to the theory behind paleo or not, the diet has a huge following and its fans swear by it and the success they’ve had on the diet. It was the most-googled diet for the last two years in a row. Over 10,000 people on eat paleo every day. And in our Quantified Diet research last year, the paleo diet was just as effective as any other diet for losing weight.

Three years ago, Coach Rob became one of those fans. He faced fatigue and a sudden illness that almost ended his career as a performing musician. He couldn’t practice, let alone perform. Coach Rob tried all sorts of interventions including the paleo diet to see whether he could recover his health. He did:

“I transitioned into living a more paleo lifestyle while searching for ways to reverse my arthritis and extreme fatigue. I developed arthritis in my fingers and throughout my body. As a pianist, this meant an early end to my career. This diet along with improved exercise, sleep, and stress management, allowed me to regain my health. After a year and a half of solid paleo I am free on any inflammation or pain, and I’ve reclaimed the energy to continue rehearsing, composing and performing. I had energy again to play for hours. I had my life back.”

If you’re looking to revitalize your health and improve your diet, paleo could be the right diet for you. Here are the steps you can take to start eating paleo today:

Step #1: Hire Coach Rob to coach you in the paleo diet. Sign up now and try Rob’s coaching for free with our complimentary free trial.

Step #2: Rob will find out where you are coming from, analyze your current diet, and come up with an action plan for you to make small changes from there.

Step #3: Each day you’ll enter your meals (you can easily share photos of your meals with Rob with our new file-sharing feature) so Rob can keep you accountable and keep track of what you’re eating. When you’re stuck or fall off the wagon, he’ll help you come up with strategies to overcome challenges when they happen again.