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Get Focus with Coach Patrick Dwyer

Did you know that your mind is distracted 50% of the time?

Researchers at Harvard University monitored over 2,000 men and women as they went about their day working, commuting, shopping, exercising, and even sleeping to discover how often and during what types of tasks our mind tends to get distracted. The researchers saw significant mind wandering in all daily activities except for one (sex).[1]

Lack of focus is a huge problem in the workplace that can lead to procrastination, extra work hours, and lower quality performance. It’s easy to get distracted at work–by email, phone notifications, your coworkers, or browsing sites like Twitter and Facebook–and every interruption hurts your productivity. That’s why we’ve enlisted today’s featured coach Patrick Dwyer to teach you tactics to build focus by eliminating distractions. Be one of the first 20 people to hire Coach Patrick today and get your first week free with the promo code FOCUSWEEK.

Patrick’s strategy for building focus begins with eliminating the distractions that eat away at your time. Here’s more on his strategy and how he can help you:

We all have things we want to do but never seem to accomplish; maybe you want to start a business, learn to code, write a book, travel to faraway places, train for a 10K, or lose those final 20 pounds. But months and years pass, and you find you’ve made zero progress towards those goals.

I know exactly how that feels. I used to feel the same way.  I used to leave projects unfinished and dream of traveling instead of taking action to achieve those dreams. I didn’t make any progress until I made an effort to remove the distractions that were obstacles in my path. Removing negative distractions was the first step that helped me gain focus and stop procrastinating.

Distractions surround us everywhere and although they can benefit us, for the most part distractions keep us from achieving our short-term and long-term goals. They limit our amount of focus and productive time we have.

We tend to get caught in distractions for different reasons and part of my job is to work with you to discover the underlying cause and address it. The easiest distractions to address are the ones that you are already aware of and we will knock those out of the way first. Then as we progress, I will be help you pinpointing distractions you might not even be aware of. The end result will be more focus, less pro and more time to work on your greatest priorities. 

Ready to get more focus? Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1. Hire Coach Patrick now to help you get focus and identify the distractions that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Be one of the first of 20 people to hire Coach Patrick with the promo code FOCUSWEEK and get your first week absolutely free (or apply the promo code to get a full month of coaching at 40% off).

2. Share your immediate goals with Coach Patrick. He’ll ask you to identify what you think are the three distractions that you waste the most time on and your reasons for wanting to build focus.

3. Coach Patrick’s main role is to keep you accountable and give you tailored advice. You’ll check in on every morning to indicate whether you stuck to your intention, and Coach Patrick will be online every day to review your progress, give you encouragement, and help you overcome any obstacles that you encounter along the way.