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Meditate to Control Your Attention

We get a lot of requests for coaches who can help with mindfulness and meditation, particularly from those who have challenges of heavy distractions or ADHD. Today’s coach, Nathan Sudds, specializes in meditation for people who want to get control of their attention. His kind, practical approach makes him one of our top coaches; he’s even helped clients by meditating with them on the spot during chat sessions!

If you feel like you have trouble staying focused, Nathan Sudds will help.  The first 15 people who respond to this offer and hire Nathan will get their first week free by using the promo code MEDITATEWEEK.

Nathan will work with you to help choose the type of meditation that suits you best. In most cases, he’ll start you off with very short sessions to build your power of focus. As you progress, you might start lengthening your meditation sessions or explore other types of meditation until you’ve established a solid routine.

We asked Nathan to explain why meditation is important and how he approaches it as a coach:

I didn’t understand meditation for many years, and missed out on what I now feel is one of the most life-changing experiences for me on many levels.   Everyone has their opinions on what meditation is or isn’t. When coaching, I encourage you to try some different options and see what works for you; it’s not one-size-fits-all.  It’s about choice. I’ll help you look at those choices and also help you learn how to handle distractions.

As someone with ADHD, I know all too well how easy it is to get distracted. First time meditators often quit because they feel they will never be able to focus. Welcome to my world! But this is the whole point of meditation: to build that ability through practice. Losing focus is a part of meditation!

You might be thinking, if my “monkey mind” is going to do what it does, what’s the benefit of this whole meditation thing? The truth is, there are many benefits. Ones that may have already intrigued you include mental health, focus, spiritual enlightenment, productivity, and happiness. As valuable as those things are, I think they all come second to the main benefit: a strange and wonderful thing called “awareness”.

Often we go through our daily lives on autopilot, going through the motions (and emotions) but not really being there in the moment. A rushing river of thoughts, flowing through our minds—there we are, in the middle of it, being swept down the river.  Have you been there too?

Meditation, if only for that one minute a day, is about giving ourselves a moment to find our place in that river.  At first, we may find ourselves still swept down it, but as we recognize it, we gain something amazing. Instead of being taken downstream by the thoughts, we’re aware of the current.

For me personally, it’s that awareness that’s the real benefit. That’s why meditation will continue to be a daily habit for the rest of my life, and why I love coaching people who are just starting out.You’ll see connections you never noticed before. It’s like having a superpower.

Not sure how to show up, get started, or find the right practice for you? That’s where I can help.  Let’s get your meditation practice started—hire me as your coach today.

Here’s how to get started now:

Step 1: Hire Nathan as your personal meditation coach. The first 15 people who respond will get a free week by using the promo code MEDITATEWEEK.

Step #2: Nathan will help you start with short meditations targeted towards learning the basic techniques and understanding what type of meditation routine fits your needs best.

Step #3: Check in on each day. Nathan will help keep you accountable. If you’ve done your meditation, he’ll help you develop and expand your habit. If you haven’t, he’ll work with you to overcome challenges and develop a routine that’s personalized just for you