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invite friend to Lift goal

Getting Friends To Join A Goal

Whether your goal is to get to write in your journal, start running, or get to sleep by midnight, you’ll be more successful if you’ve got a friend doing it too. The buddy system really works, which is why we’ve made it easier to invite friends to specific goals.

A study showed that after 1 year the drop-out rate for a fitness program was only 8% for those who had joined with a partner, compared to roughly 50% among people who joined the program alone. “We’ve found that you get similar results whether you’re working with a spouse, a friend, or within a group,” says John Raglin, Ph.D, MS, professor of kinesiology at Indiana University, who conducted the study.

Haven’t invited your friends yet? It’s simple.

Head to your goal and tap on the ••• in the upper right-hand corner. That takes you to Goal Options where you’ll see the “Invite a friend” button. (see image above)

You can also find friends to follow who are already on Lift by tapping on the + icon on the Friends Activity tab.

invite friends