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How to Hack Learning

  • Our featured coach Patrik Edblad will teach you how to hack learning to achieve your goals. He’s a certified Mental Training Practitioner and behavioral scientist who uses science-tested techniques to help his clients boost performance and become more efficient learners.
  • Get a free week of coaching from Patrik with the code HACKLEARNING. Hire Coach Patrik and Hack Learning!

Being an effective learner is a mental game.

We all think we have a good grasp of what we’re capable of. We assume we know our limits, but we really don’t. Each of us possesses a brain that consists of 100 billion neurons that in turn have up to 50,000 connections to other cells. The amount of possible connections between these neurons exceeds the number of atoms in the entire universe. We have the most advanced piece of machinery on earth right between our ears.

You may think that learning is simply a matter of intelligence or talent. But it turns out that other factors are even more important. Science shows that we learn faster when we change our beliefs about ourselves and our limitations.

When we don’t think we have it in us to reach our goals, of course we will fail. But when we realize that it’s our limiting thoughts about ourselves that are holding us back we can get rid of them and start developing the grit, persistence, motivation, momentum and love of learning needed to succeed.

Today’s featured Coach, Patrik, will teach you strategies to become a better learner. He’ll work with you to:

  • Overcome mental blocks
  • Identify and override procrastination triggers
  • Achieve a flow state

Follow these steps to start hacking how you learn today:

Step #1: Sign up for coaching from Patrik. Use the promo code HACKLEARNING to get your first week of coaching free. There are limited spots and we will definitely sell out.

Step #2: Choose what you want to focus on learning with Patrick. Do you want to pick up a new language? Learn to program? Get better grades in your coursework? Get support to pass a professional exam? Patrick can help you structure your time and choose the most effective strategies to reach your goals.