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Upcoming Webcast: Brain Friendly Leadership for Entrepreneurs and Managers

David Rock is the world’s top researcher on the brain science of leadership in the workplace and he’s running a webcast and Q&A to for everyone in the community.

This is awesome, and totally free, webcast that is essential to any entrepreneur or manager who wants to master leadership.

David’s book, Your Brain at Work, is the most influential book for workplace coaches and managers that I’ve ever read. And I’m not the only person who thinks that. This was the first book that Evan Williams ( investor and founder of Twitter) handed me after making his investment.

The webcast is free. I just need you to sign up so that we know how many people are coming and can make sure to get you any materials for preparation:

Coaching with the Brain in Mind, David Rock May 22nd at 12:30pm ET

If you can’t make that time, please sign up anyway. We’ll send you a recording.

Once you’re signed up, here’s some reading on David’s SCARF model. I think you’ll love it.

In Service,