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How to Market Yourself as a New Coach with Stephan Noack

Congratulations to the ninth cohort of Certified Habit Coaches!

At, we match great clients to great coaches, research and train new types of coaching, and provide tools for coaches to succeed. We pioneered the momentum method because science has proven that habits are powerful tools for achieving goals. We know that coaching is uniquely effective for growth and improvement.

We upgraded to this cohort-based certification program 3 years ago from a self-paced approach so that both clients and coaches could benefit from the enhanced training and practice.

Although the curriculum is the same, each cohort has its own personality. This group has been forward-thinking from the start. So we wanted to bring a keynote speaker that would keep that momentum, especially since marketing and branding is an important next step for new coaches.

Keynote Speaker

Stephan Noack is an innovative marketing strategist and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping businesses succeed through scaling and revenue growth.

For almost three decades, Stephan has dedicated to becoming the best of the best in terms of creative design and marketing – starting at the early age of 12. After learning graphic design and web design throughout his teenage years, he was hired in the Public Relations and Marketing field straight from his high school graphic design class. Since then, he’s won several awards for his work and is often recognized by his peers.

Graduating Coaches

Malica Ahmad
Helps women of faith consume less sugar so they can thrive in their health and feel fit for their future by starting with a 10 second sugar reset.

Lidia Chmel
Helps women to make an impact by achieving their most ambitious goals without sacrificing their families and other elements of life by starting with the High Five habit.

Ela Colangelo
Helps solopreneurs create their brand and launch new projects by setting daily priorities and developing a workflow to become more efficient and mindful by starting with visualization.

Julius Garcia
Helps ambitious people who are stuck, overwhelmed, and need guidance on their next step by starting with the habit of drinking water.

Christine “Chuckie” Hajduk
Helps pre diabetic people reduce their risk of developing diabetes by working towards 150 minutes of walking per week.

Felix Tigersonic
Helps musicians and producers actually make music by starting with 2 minutes of daily practice.

Nancy Oglesby
Helps busy women struggling to lose weight by starting with creating a roadmap for the day.

Leah Welborn
Helps spiritual & creative women empower themselves by connecting with their inner goddess by starting with a magical morning moment.

Tai Whyte
Helps growth-oriented high performers cultivate a playful musical practice by starting with touching an instrument daily.

Julien Wolfe
Helps Students and Freelancers wake up refreshed and energised every morning without hitting snooze.

Jeromy Zajonc
Helps people start and complete their creative projects by taking daily action.