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30 Days In: An Update on Our CEO Transition

On July 11, I stepped into the CEO role at I’ve been a passionate habit-tracker for a decade, a coach for nearly as long, and I’ve facilitated our training programs for several years. So I thought I had a good ‘map’ of the territory.

I quickly learned there was lots more to wrap my head around: our evolving Discord community, understanding the tech stack and platform, how folks get paid, and our marketing and communications rhythms. Even before we get to the exciting mission that’s emerging.

It’s been beautiful to see the core team keep our key projects on track and share ideas on what could be even better. Major kudos to Gwen, Bere, Cherry, and Julianne. Our new tech team is getting up to speed quickly as well — Andrew, Nathan, Maurice, and Ronnie.

I’ve often read that the first transition from Founder to CEO is a tricky one. I think it’s because the unconscious competence is so high. The founder often has such strong intuition that they can skip straight to execution, with little need for process documentation.

For an experienced founder leading a solid company, everything “just works.” But like a chef sharing a signature meal, that can be challenging to hand-down without notes on ingredients and preparation steps. So Tony and I are working together to reconstruct our recipes. The AHA factor is lots of fun as we figure out each one!

Many of my favorite moments from the last month have been in conversations with some of our incredible coaches. Rob, Erno, Liz, Ramon, Valentina, Safaa — your passion and sense of purpose affirmed the best of what I believe about coaching.

Without a doubt, the best part of is our people.
Felix recently called it our ethos, and that captures us perfectly. We believe that habits are one of the human superpowers, and science gives us clues on how to use them. We believe that coaching is uniquely helpful for providing the starting point, pathway, and support for crafting our habits intentionally. Combined, we can help people gain the momentum they need to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

To get involved, join our Discord community.
Our most active channel is our Monthly Cross Promotion Challenge. The format is that in a given month, you have to participate every weekday. If you miss a day, you’re out and you can’t come back until the next month. Participation is that you engage with at least three other folks’ content, and then share a link to one of your own. It can be on any platform — Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

As Kristin experienced, the quid pro quo is just the beginning. “But it was sooo much more than that. A whole host of other things happened along the way.”

It’ll make sense as soon as you experience it. Join us, and say hello in the Welcome channel.

If you’re thinking about becoming a coach, join our next cohort for Habit Coach Certification.
You’ll learn how to start your coaching business, how the Momentum method applies habit science to coaching interactions, and how to get your first clients. Once you’re certified, you’ll also be eligible to be featured in our Habit Coaching Directory.

As Leah shared, “Working with my volunteer clients while in the training program felt like high-quality training wheels. I wouldn’t have had the courage to start down this path without the support…”

The tenth cohort starts on August 22, and you can get the Early Bird discount until August 15. This is likely the last graduating cohort of 2022, so if it’s on your annual goals list, you’ll want to get registered.

Experienced coaches know that September and January are the most exciting times of the year. Clients naturally want to improve their habits, and coaching is an excellent way to support their efforts.

Moving forward, we’re gearing up our platform and community to have an even greater impact.
We know habits are powerful tools for achieving goals. We know that coaching is uniquely effective for growth and improvement. Through our platform, we match great clients to great coaches, unlocking potential on both sides.

Our mission is to transform lives. Our next goal is to equip coaches with more of the tools and training needed to make a significant impact and build thriving businesses. We invite you to join us and stay tuned.