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January’s Top Coaches

Below are our two most popular courses from January and the two coaches who had the the most successful clients. To celebrate them, we’re giving a special offer:

  • For the next 24 hours the courses are $9.99 (normally $29.99)
  • and/or get a free week of coaching using the promo code JANTOPCOACH

Let me explain what we mean by successful. Traditionally, coaches are rated by testimonials. By moving coaching online, we’re able to collect data and measure coaches based on the success of their clients. I’ll spare you an essay on the math behind rating coaches. Just know that these were the top coaches and courses this month:

  • Coach Josh: Inbox Zero, Waking Up Early, and Setting Priorities.
  • Coach Cecily: Write 500 Words and No Alcohol
  • 20-Day Mindful Pause Meditation course by Coach Jeena
  • 28-Day to Better Confidence course by Coach Sam


Coach Josh Roman
Private Coaching

“Josh Roman is a wonderful coach who helped me implement my habit of waking up daily at 5 am! I have tried numerous times over many years to create this habit on my own but was unsuccessful. Josh gave me knowledgable and practical advice to help me start and continue the habit. When I was having difficulty at first, he always gave me the encouragement I needed to try again along with suggestions to help. I really appreciated his continuous positive feedback because it made me want to continue the habit!” – Christy

Hire Coach Josh for Inbox Zero or Wake Up Early or Set Priorities for Your Day. Get 1 week free with promo code JANTOPCOACH.


Coach Cecily Kellogg
Private Coaching

“It made the challenge more meaningful knowing I wasn’t writing just for myself and someone would be checking in. Without being able to press that Send Message every day, I am certain I would not have come as far with my writing. The positive comments motivated me to continue. I’m so grateful, because with that momentum I managed to write 500 Words nearly every day, started a blog, and am still going. It’s been only 3 months, and I feel like a new person. I am so grateful to and for the opportunity to have an accountability coach. I am certain that this experience has transformed my life.” – Alina

Hire Coach Cecily for Write 500 Words a Day or No Alcohol. Get 1 week free with promo code JANTOPCOACH.


Coach Jeena Cho
20-Day Guided Meditation Course

“With this course, I feel, “I can do this.” The only other time I tried meditation, it was the practice of sitting and releasing all thoughts, until nothing – a period of ‘no thought’ would happen. The hope was to try to increase that ‘no thought’ period gradually, but it was extremely difficult, and I would beat myself up for it. Jeena, your guidance each day has been very enjoyable, and this more relaxed approach definitely works better. I’m aware of my focus a little more than before, and notice a stillness in my mind that has been absent for some time.” – Natalie

View Jeena’s Guided Meditation Course. $9.99 for the next 24 hours (normally $29.99).


Coach Sam Thomas Davies
28-Day Course

“Absolutely great course! The best I have taken so far. I joined because it just seemed like a good opportunity. But now I am seeing the real value: Sam’s exercises lead us progressively out of our comfort zone and that is the only place where self confidence can grow.” – Thomas

View Sam’s Better Confidence Course. $9.99 for the next 24 hours (normally $29.99).