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Paul Robinett

How I Coach: Paul Robinett

Paul Robinett is an American vlogger, inventor, entrepreneur, and coach. Robinett’s YouTube channel has over 38,000 subscribers. A serial dreamer who has achieved incredible success in a broad range of categories Robinett found that the secret to accomplishing so much is prioritization. Out of all the things you could be doing you have to identify what’s actually important and then complete your single most important goal. Every day. The result is unstoppable momentum and confidence.

Robinett now coaches others; his popular One Priority program helps people develop the practice of systematically prioritizing their own day: a habit with enormous payoff.

What does “being coachable” mean to you?

It all starts with this…

I can NOT help you unless you REALLY need help.
I can NOT help you unless you are WILLING to be helped.
I can NOT help you unless you WANT me to help you.
I can NOT help you unless you ASK me for help.

And even then… I can NOT help you if you are not WILLING to help yourself.

The first week of coaching is free, so most people are just curious. Many people are still in the “WANT” help phase. The NEED help phase is where the magic happens.

Many people come to a coach for help, but fail to fully grasp that a coach can only lead them to help. They must help THEMSELVES.

What qualities do you see in clients who are most successful?

The most successful clients are the ones who come asking, not telling.

When the conversation starts out like this, “I procrastinate because of this… I’m going to do that… I want you to do this… I respond better to that…” blah, blah, blah… lol, you are in big trouble!

Brokenness, humility, openness and willingness are the keys to success. I ask my clients to check-in every day. I lead by example. When they are not checking in, they are checking out. When they are truly ready and willing, they want to check in all day long.

Sometimes people self-sabotage their success. What advice do you have for someone who’s having trouble with that?

In one of the most broken times of my life, this is the advice that was given to me… “Paul, you can’t think your way into right actions, you have to act your way into right thinking. So shut up and do as I’m asking you to do for the next few months. If it does not work, I’ll refund your misery!” If a client is willing, get them out of their own heads and into some healthy new actions, until those actions become habits, and they are able to start thinking for themselves again.

According to our metrics, you are one of our most successful coaches. What is your strategy?

I’m not a coach by training; therefore, my strategy is pretty straightforward. It’s to be open and honest and vulnerable and transparent and sharing only from my own personal life experiences. Checking-in every day. Learning to live well, sharing those practices and principles, listening closely and ultimately…leading by example.

If there were three suggestions you could make to someone just starting out as a coach, what would they be?

You absolutely can not own the actions and outcomes of your clients. You can only be responsible for the actions of your coaching. Clients are on their own journey. They come and go for their own reasons. It’s very hard not to feel up when they are up, and feel down when they go silent. But that’s your ego getting in the way, and it will only get worse, before it gets better. Just do you.

Lead by example. Check-in every day.

Never stop believing in your clients. Never give up on them. But never take the bait to co-sign on their bullshit!

What’s your favorite thing about being a coach?

You have to give it away to keep it. I love giving my shit away!

I Can And I will…

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