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How to Kill Procrastination

  • Procrastination is largely driven by subconscious emotion. If you can identify what’s triggering your procrastination, you can implement strategies and tools to kill stop procrastinating.
  • Jeff Finley, today’s featured coach, shares how he can help you kill procrastination using the same techniques he did to build a business, write two books, produce a podcast and play in three bands.
  • Get a free week of procrastination coaching with Jeff when you use the promo code KILLIT.

The Bug in Your Brain

One of my favorite procrastination lines comes from Cory Doctorow talking to a room full of writers: “If surgeons don’t get surgeon’s block, then why are you allowed to get writer’s block?”. That quote challenges us to imagine a world where you can kill your own procrastination.

The science of procrastination tells us that your decision to put off a task or project is largely driven by subconscious emotion. This is explained well in the book, Thinking Fast and Slow. You make decisions using one of two systems in your brain. One system is rational, but unfortunately effortful and slow. The other system is fast, but is subconscious and operates on emotion.

Jeff Finley, our featured coach, can help you become aware of and then defeat the subconscious causes of your procrastination. Learn Jeff’s technique below:

“I admit, I procrastinate. We all do, including the most successful people in the world. One of the toughest lessons I faced as a newly self-employed person was how to overcome procrastination. I still struggle with it, and I believe that’s what makes me really good at helping people get through it.Procrastination tries to stop us from being great. Our higher self sets goals and knows what’s best for us, yet our lower self would rather eat, sleep, have sex, and be lazy all day. When our defenses are down, we are more likely to talk ourselves into skipping the workout, going back to sleep, or putting off that project until tomorrow. Then we are kicking ourselves wishing we had more willpower.But not anymore! We are going to face procrastination together. I have important projects I’d like to finish this year! Don’t you?Whenever we step out and aim for something great, resistance and procrastination show up right on cue. This is the true enemy of creation and progress. This is a battle going on inside our minds. We don’t like to be uncomfortable and we don’t like to do anything dangerous. Procrastination’s goal isn’t actually to stop us from being great, it’s to keep us safe and secure. Respecting the desire will help us overcome it.

We procrastinate for many reasons. Some reasons are fear, uncertainty and self-doubt. Sometimes we procrastinate just because it’s a habit! We can start to change our habits by becoming mindful of when we procrastinate. What are our thoughts and emotions at the time? Why don’t we want to start?

There is a chance that we procrastinate because we really don’t want to do the job but we have to. For some reason or another we agreed to take on this task. Why? Maybe we shouldn’t have? In that case, quitting the project might be the best idea. But what if you really want to do it but just have a hard time getting started? There’s usually something mentally blocking you that you can overcome. Sometimes it’s just as simple as taking the smallest action possible. That usually does the trick. Once we start doing it, then it becomes easy. We get into a groove. Sometimes we get in such a groove we have a hard time stopping! And when we are done we feel so much better. We feel accomplished.

I can’t think of any time I felt bad after a workout. I usually feel exhausted or physically tired, but emotionally I feel great! I would ask myself, “Why don’t I do this every day?” But the next day hits and my gym shoes will be sitting there waiting for me and I’m stuck on the couch with no motivation to go. Or I’ll decide to wake up early, yet keep hitting snooze when my alarm goes off. I know all too well what this feels like. And those times I really wish I had a friend who could just give me a friendly kick in the butt. To reframe my procrastination in a way that inspires me rather than belittles me.

Let me be that friend for you. I don’t like drill sergeants, bosses, or authority figures. So you won’t get that from me. Instead you’ll get a compassionate coach that knows what you’re going through and wants to see you happy and accomplished.

I will help you pinpoint why you procrastinate and give you tips and tools to overcome this bad habit. We will work with our procrastination and learn how to use it for good. You’ll be more productive and happier in no time!” – Coach Jeff Finley

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