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Learn to Code

Learn to code and build your first website or app. Today’s featured coach will help you build this powerful entrepreneurial skill from scratch.

Coach Lee Tratnyeck will coach you through each step of the learning and development process. If you’re serious about building your own ideas, Lee will be there to keep you pointed in the right direction. Use the promo code LEARN2CODE to get your first week of coaching free.

Learn to Code

We chose to feature Lee and learning to code today–out of a million other goals–because I firmly believe that learning how to program is the most important business skill you can learn for your future self.

Note those two phrases: business skill and future self.

Programming is a business skill just like writing and reading. It powers the communication of ideas. If you want to build businesses, create and share meaningful projects, or just write a blogpost, you have a 10-fold advantage just by having a basic understanding of how software works.

Tech billionaire Marc Andreessen describes the disruptive effect of software with the phrase, “Software is eating the world.” Everything that used to be built as a physical product is going to be built as software. We’re walking around talking into Dick Tracy Apple watches. We’re using apps to call our cabs, make our meals, buy our groceries, and watch our movies. Computers have made us more productive than ever and made the world accessible to us with the tap of a few buttons.

And yet, 99% of you reading this don’t know how to code a basic computer program. It’s not your fault–there are many reasons why.

First, we still don’t teach everyone how to code in school. That’s crazy. Second, learning how to code requires a significant investment–you need access to materials that teach you how to code and people who can guide you along the way.

Luckily, thanks to advancements in technology, we can tear down all of those blocks that prevented you from learning to code in the past.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a computer. So you have the machinery. You also have access to a coach, Lee, who can guide you through the process of picking a language, finding the right coding resources (many of which are free), and writing your first program. And finally, if it helps, you have me to tell you that you’re smart enough to learn to code.

Before you pipe back,”No, seriously, I’m not” and close this email window, do me one quick favor and answer this question:

If you moved to another country, where you had to learn a foreign language to get a job and make a life for yourself, which of the following choices would you make?

  • Decide not to learn the language because it’s hard, find a low-skill job that didn’t require you speak the language, and get by as best as you could.
  • Do everything in your power to learn the language, find a great job, and thrive in your new life.

You signed up for, so I know you’re an overachiever. You are a member of the most successful, driven, superhuman community that the internet has ever known. You would never choose the first choice. You would work hard to learn the new language and become fluent enough to succeed.

And that’s exactly why you need to learn how to code. We’re living in the future and the language of the future is written in code.

Today you have a rare chance to learn to code with a coach by your side. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Sign up for coaching with Lee. Notice his username is leet. If you don’t chuckle (or cringe) about that, google it. You have nothing to lose since you get your first week free with the promo code LEARN2CODE.

2. Look at your calendar and book a repeating 20-minute daily appointment time during which you’ll learn to code. You’ll get the most out of coaching and learning to program if you practice consistently.

3. Read Reddit’s FAQ on Learning to Program to find the answer to questions you probably have at this instant. Lee will be able to answer your questions in your chat, too.

To your future,
Tony from

Here’s a testimonial from one of Lee’s clients:
“Lee was a great help! With his help I was able to get a job in the tech industry by creating some really great goals and acting towards them. It’s always great having a second set of eyes looking over your code, and Lee was happy to do this. Highly recommended!” – Ben, April 2015

Hire Lee and Learn to Code