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Get Rid of Bad Habits Now

We all have bad habits that keep us from being the best version of ourselves. Today’s featured coach Winson Teo can help you finally break the bad habit that is holding you back. He’ll coach you using the habit-busting system he designed to quit Facebook and overcome email addiction.

Get your first week of coaching free with the promo code BREAK. If you sign up today, you’ll also get to join his Live Q&A and receive a complimentary copy of his e-book on the psychology of breaking habits.

Break Your Bad Habit

Here’s Winson on how he can help you break your bad habit:

Bad habits share a few things in common:

  • They kill our productivity, directly or indirectly (sleep, unhealthy eating)
  • They hurt our self-esteem
  • They’re hard to break alone

You can break your bad habit.

I can help.

You see, I’ve been in your situation. My bad habit was Facebook.

I used to waste away hours of my day on Facebook. In the moment, I’d trick myself into thinking that reading Facebook posts was an “effective” way to unwind and rest. After all, I could multitask! Take a break from work while also keeping up with friends, reading great articles, and learning new things.

But in reality, Facebook replaced quality time in my life with “junk” time. Before Facebook, I’d spend those hours hanging out with friends in person, reading articles I actually wanted to read, and learning skills and wisdom that you can’t learn from reading a Buzzfeed listicle.

My Facebook problem went on for months until something big happened in my life. My son was born. My entire life changed. In came the demands of new parenthood. Out went my free time. I ran out of time to do anything at all! Previously, I’d had ample time to run a side business while working full-time at a demanding day job. Now I barely had time to take a shower!

Every day I grew more frustrated and tired. I missed my “free” time. So I started to pay attention to where all of my time went.

I quickly figured out that I spent too much time mindlessly scrolling Facebook as a way to procrastinate and rest. I also finally realized that Facebook didn’t help me to relax. I often felt drained after scrolling through my feed.In fact, sometimes I’d feel worse.

The solution was clear: I had to quit Facebook.

It wasn’t easy to quit but when I did, I felt so much better. I had more time for my family and more energy to dedicate to my work. Now, I use my still meager spare time to exercise so that I stay healthy, happy, and at my peak productivity. I feel like I have more time than before my son was born, since I’m making better use of it. In fact, with the extra time and energy I gained from quitting Facebook and other time-wasting habits, I grew my business to a point where it allowed me to quit my day job and become a full-time entrepreneur.

If you have a bad habit you’re desperate to break, like smoking, I can help you succeed in finally quitting. We’ll identify the triggers that lead to your bad habit. We’ll break the negative patterns associated with your bad habit and replace it with a productive, positive one such as using a wholesale vape cart in order to quit or exercise. Vaping has become a popular alternative for those looking to kick their smoking habit and is widely regarded as a healthier option. It might also be appealing because of the vast array of flavoured e-liquids that are available.

If I can break my bad habits, then so can you. Sometimes, you just need that little nudge or daily check in to to push you over the line to success. Hire me and I will be that friend who will keep you accountable and give you a framework for success. Are you ready?

Hire Winson and Break Your Bad Habit