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Liz Guthridge

Liz Guthridge – the more resilient version of your authentic self

In this episode with Liz Guthridge, we talked about the following:

  • A leader can be at any level in the organization.
  • The difference between a manager and a leader.
  • The medium time you should think about reinvention for the organization.
  • Managing your emotions and using habits to do this.
  • Two words need to be retired, perfect and finished.
  • Multi-tasking vs multi-purpose.
  • The effect of the therapy dog for Liz.
  • Giving back time gives you time.
  • Book The Power Code: More Joy. Less Ego. Maximum Impact for Women (and Everyone).: Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.
  • Power to (female) vs Power over (male).
  • Time for wellness.
  • Leaders can learn a lot from athletes in regard to wellness and recovery.
  • Kristin Neff on Self-compassion . Book Self-compassion. – helps for resilience.
  • A daily act of kindness is a keystone habit.
  • Get off your devices to rejuvenate.

Liz works with leaders who recognize the need to be more human-centered and embrace the disruption that swirls around us. I help leaders rewire their mindset so they can expand their capacity to deal with more complex and uncertain situations. This also helps them make more connections and build stronger relationships with more stakeholders in multiple ecosystems.

Leaders and their teams who work with me increase the clarity of their thinking, improve their communication, including listening, and become more empathetic and compassionate. Leaders also become better decision-makers and more resilient as they gain greater confidence in navigating today’s BANI (brittle, anxiety-producing, nonlinear, and incomprehensible) world.

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